Have you done your grain storage checks?

When it’s time to fill the store, a few simple checks before harvest can help keep things running smoothly, the post-harvest stage is often overlooked and some careful attention to storage practices can save some headaches down the line.

Checks of cooling equipment should be a priority, ensuring fans and ventilation are operational and there is enough to accommodate the expected yield. Damaged or dirty components can restrict airflow leading to a significant drop in efficiency.

Here’s what you should look out for:

Martin Lishman pedestals in a grain store filled with wheat.

1. Pedestals

Make sure you have enough pedestals to cool the expected yield. Check that all components are accounted for and that they are in good working condition.

Martin Lishman agricultural cooling fans outside a grain store as part of a FloorVent system.

2. Fans

Check the condition of your cooling fans and clean if necessary. Pay particular attention to the impeller and cooling fan at the top of the motor to ensure they are not obstructed. Check the rotation of the impeller to make sure the fan is sucking from the spigot.

Martin Lishman Crop Quality equipment helps keep an eye on your crops condition.

3. Automatic Fan Control

Take the guesswork out of your store management with one of our automatic fan controllers. With a range of wired and fully wireless systems to choose from, our automatic fan controllers can save you at least 40% on energy costs.

Barn Owl Wireless automatic fan controllers installed in a grain store.

4. Quality monitoring equipment

When the crop is safely in the store, its a good idea to keep a close eye on the temperature and moisture to make sure they remain consistent. Make sure your crop quality equipment is working and ready to go.

Martin Lishman Trouble Dry spears in a pile of grain for cooling.

5. Be prepared for hot spots

If not using pedestals, our Trouble-Dry aeration spears are ideal for cooling small quantities of grain, urgent spot drying and controlling unexpected insect infestations in stores. These can cure the problem before it get serious, simply screw the spear into the hot spot and suck the heat out.

The Martin Lishman team are on hand to make sure we keep you going this harvest. We keep parts in stock ready to dispatch straight to your farm. 

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