MiniTemp Blue measures crop temperatures

MiniTemp Blue

MiniTemp Blue enables fast crop temperature monitoring with data logging, using Bluetooth technology.

  • The key to improving crop temperature monitoring in small to medium size store.
  • Doesn’t require cables running over the grain surface to connect to probes in the grain
  • Having instant readings enables store managers to make quick decisions on when and where to use crop ventilation fans.
Bluetooth enabled
6 Month battery life
iOS and Android App
Internal memory continuously logs temperature changes
minitemp blue wireless crop sensors and ml sensing app

Simple crop temperature monitoring

Users of Minitemp Blue can use the ML Sensing smartphone App and view crop readings instantly. Mounted on 2 metre or 3 metre static temperature probes inserted into the grain, the unit transmits readings over bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet, avoiding the need to use a separate reader. 

MiniTemp Blue logs temperature data automatically for up to 6 months which can also be downloaded for long-term record keeping and to conform to quality assurance schemes.

MiniTemp Blue is also available in a waterproof sensor for use with a 2m stainless steel compost temperature sensor. See Compost Temperature Monitoring for more details. 

ML Sensing App

The ML Sensing app connects to the MiniTemp Blue via Bluetooth and can be used to view the logger in real time, or to set the logger to record internally for extended periods of time. The data gathered can be downloaded at the end of the period into the App and can be viewed in table or list view. The data can also be exported via email in a .csv format for further data analysis.

The ML Sensing app can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

minitemp blue ml sensing app for iOS and android
Full Details and Specifications

MiniTemp Blue Reader

CQ/MTM10BLUE/EXT-25°C +75°C±0.5°C0.1°CLithium
1/2AA 3.6v
6 month
battery life
1s - 24hr
1s - 6 month
32,000 values
Bluetooth 4.0CSV

Static measurement packages

Product CodeSensorReaderAccuracyRangeResolution

2m Rigid PVC
(Product Code: FC054)

MiniTemp Blue waterproof bluetooth data logger
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10BLUE/EXT)

+/- 0.5°C

-25°C +75°C



3m Rigid PVC
(Product Code: FC055)

MiniTemp Blue waterproof bluetooth data logger
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10BLUE/EXT)

+/- 0.5°C

-25°C +75°C


The MiniTemp Blue can also be used to monitor compost temperatures. CLICK HERE to find out more. 

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