Automatic Crop Fan Control

Automatic crop fan control

Making the best use of suitable ambient air for cooling and drying decreases fungal problems and insect infestation and avoids condensation problems in the store.

It is a common mistake to wait until cold weather comes to try and cool the grain – doing so increases the risk of condensation caused by heat in the grain meeting cold air above the surface of the grain.

Automatic fan control makes it possible to reach crop temperature and moisture targets more quickly, compared to manual fan control. It reduces crop cooling time and store management energy and labour costs, and ensures crops remain in optimum condition. Cooling and drying energy bills can be reduced by at least 40% since only air good enough to cool or dry the stored crop is used.

Benefits of Automatic Fan Control

Automatic fan control with crop temperature monitoring provides several benefits: 

  • The grain reaches temperature and moisture targets more quickly and to lower levels compared to manual fan control. This avoids quality problems, avoids rejections or deductions and extends storage time.
  • Automatic control is the most energy-efficient way to cool and dry grain. It can save at least 40% on energy costs since fans only operate when ambient air can cool or dry the grain.
    Automatic monitoring saves labour time and cost. It is instant and continuous and avoids unnecessary trips to remote stores.
  • Store management and decision making is easier, with monitoring showing when and where to use fans and automatic control operating the appropriate drying or cooling programme.
Automatic crop fan control

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