glucolis blue potato sugar testing kit with press


The all in one kit for testing potato glucose levels

glucolis blue potato sugar testing kit sample

The Glucolis Blue potato glucose self-testing kit evaluates glucose levels in potatoes used in French fry or crisping production. It allows better planning of harvest, storage and handling to ensure the highest quality and precise colour control.

glucolis blue potato sugar testing
glucolis blue potato sugar testing kit with press

Key Features

  • Digital test – uses the blood-sugar testing strips and monitor technique, calibrated for potatoes
  • Heavy duty press – to extract juice from the sample
  • Enough consumables – for a typical season of testing; replacements readily available
  • Easy to use – results simple to interpret


The Glucolis Blue kit comes with steel sample press, carry case, enough consumables for at least 30 tests

How to use the Potato Glucose Testing Kit

Glucolis Blue works by extracting juice from a potato sample and testing its glucose content using the same technology used by diabetics, but calibrated for potato sugar. Each test uses at least 20 potato tubers, representative of the bulk to be tested.

Glucolis Blue can assist in the production of French fries to ensure the desired fry colour
Glucolis Blue can help to determine the best time to move potatoes out of storage
Glucolis Blue can help to manage harvest times and storage temperatures to ensure precise colour control of crisping potatoes
Full Details and Specifications


Accu-Chek Performa Glucose Meter with memory for 500 readings with time and date; 2 sealed containers of 50 coded and dated test strips; 2 control test solutions; 3v lithium battery; protective case

Micro-pipette with 30 replaceable tips and 5 tip filters

Dilution solution (distilled water) in 30 individual tubes (for 30 separate tests)

Laminated instruction sheet and calibration table

Strong carry case

Powder-coated steel sample press with food-grade nylon receptacle suitable for sections from up to 20 tubers

Glucose Meter Specifications

10-600 mg/dl14-40°C
10-90% RH
5 secs0.1% RH
1x CR2032 Lithium battery
2 mins

Carry case for whole kit (except sample press)

32 x 29 x 10.5cm1.125Kg

Sample press

28 x 27 x 10cm3.25Kg

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