Is Your Grain Store Ready For Harvest?

With harvest just around the corner, it’s crucial to start preparing early to avoid any headaches down the line.

We have specialised in crop conditioning systems and grain quality testing equipment for over 50 years. While having a good cooling system and the ability to check grain quality is essential, storing grain in a sub-par environment can add unnecessary strain to the process.

Your Checklist

Before we start unloading trailers, some preparation of the empty grain store should be considered to help eliminate sources of contamination from storage fungi, insects,and mites. Here’s our handy pre-harvest store preparation checklist to get you started:

1. Inspect and repair areas of potential water ingress (e.g.  guttering, walls, and roofs)

2. Ensure the store is secured against rodent and bird entry.

3. Verify there is adequate space above the grain for ventilation.

4. Test and maintain conditioning equipment.

7. Clean the store and equipment thoroughly.

8. Set up insect traps and rodent bait boxes.

Remember to Monitor!

After cleaning the store, monitor the presence of insects by placing floor traps in corners and at wall/floor junctions every 4-5 meters around the store. These traps can indicate where insects are and the severity of the infestation. Using floor traps can also demonstrate that a store is clear of insects.

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