Introducing Nano-Spray:
The Small-Scale Spraying Solution

Recognising the need for a breakthrough solution to small scale precision spraying, Compact Sprayer manufacturers Martin Lishman Ltd are thrilled to introduce the Nano-Spray to their line-up of compact amenity sprayers.
The little sibling to the industry-leading Micro-Spray, the Nano-Spray is an ultra-compact, 36 litre, fully-electric self-propelled sprayer that delivers a high precision spray application with no impact on fine turf.
The Nano-Spray makes the spraying of delicate amenity areas effortless with minimal impact.
The Nano-Spray makes the spraying of delicate amenity areas effortless with minimal impact.

In an industry where precision is paramount, spraying delicate areas like cricket grounds and golf greens can be a challenge. Vehicles used to move sprayers can damage the turf, which has led to the adoption of small push-along and knapsack sprayers. While easier on the turf, these alternatives present their own set of limitations, most notably small tank capacities, and uneven spray application.

Targeted for use on smaller amenity areas and serving as an invaluable tool for contractors, the Nano-Spray is small enough to fit through most gateways and passageways. Despite its small size, it is fully equipped with an array of features typically reserved for larger, professional-grade specification sprayers.

Designed from the ground up, the durable yet lightweight space frame chassis is propelled by an advanced rear wheel drive system and a calibrated 12 speed controller. The UV-safe 36 litre polyurethane tank feeds a 2m folding boom via a two-section valve block. The Nano-Spray also comes equipped as standard with boom break backs, independent shut-off nozzle bodies and chemical agitation.

At the heart of the Nano-Spray is a custom built 24-volt lithium battery pack, ensuring consistent peak performance for over an hour of continuous spraying. The battery compartment is designed to store up to 3 batteries, effectively giving an impressive runtime of over 3 hours; a handy battery gauge is mounted in the control panel to give the user an indication of remaining battery life.

Up front, an ergonomic steering handle provides a simple trigger throttle system and a spray on/off button for easy fingertip control of spraying. An integrated rocker switch allows the user to change the motor direction for ultimate manoeuvrability.

“We wanted to get it right” says Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “Our sprayer line-up has a reputation for reliability and durability that we wanted to ensure was carried through to the Nano-Spray during the design stage. It has been an eagerly awaited product to add to our line-up, and we hope our amenity customers will see it as a valuable addition to their armoury”.

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