Potato Quality

tuberlog electronic potato used by potato growers to help fine tune harvesting equipment

Potato Quality Counts

Before processing or storing potatoes, it is important to know the eventual market and the specifications required of that market. Specifications will depend on a range of quality measures such as skin finish, dry matter, fry colour and sugar content. Crops should be assessed in relation to these parameters, both before and during processing and storage. The presence of rots and diseases or damage caused by bruising will have a significant effect on quality and the ability to meet customer specifications.

Quality Control is an investment. Initial inspection of loads to check for bruising damage and the presence of rots will determine if the loads can be safely taken into storage or need to be processed immediately. Once in the store, monthly monitoring of factors that are likely to change, such as sprouting, rots, fry colour and certain blemish diseases should be carried out.

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