insect traps

Insect Traps

Quick solution to reduce infestation

The Martin Lishman range of simple insect traps are a quick and easy solution to help reduce infestations. Used in conjunction with Martin Lishman cooling systems, this can also help reduce the need to fumigate. 

insect traps
insect traps

Pitfall Traps

Once the store is filled with grain, Pitfall Traps can be used to detect the presence of insects. They are a ‘blunder’ trap designed to take a random sample that is representative of the whole store. Pitfall Traps are used in pairs, with one at the surface and one placed approximately 8-15cm down into the grain. The traps should be placed approximately 5-6 metres apart. The traps should be checked regularly as part of a crop assurance programme. Any insects found should be carefully identified and remedial action such as cooling or fumigation carried out as required.

Floor Traps

After store cleaning, the presence of insects should be monitored by placing the Floor Traps in corners and at wall/floor junctions every 4-5 metres around the store. The traps can show where insects are and how serious the infestation is. Using Floor Traps can also demonstrate that a store is clear of insects and avoid the need for unnecessary spraying with chemicals.

Each trap comprises a sturdy plastic shell with replaceable ready-to-use attractant cartridge containing insecticide-free and non-toxic multiple pheromones for monitoring the main crawling stored product insects.

insect traps

Product codes:


Insect floor trap (empty stores)

Box of 5 reusable traps and 5 replaceable attractant cartridges

insect traps

Insect pitfall trap (stored grain)

Box of 10

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