Grain Cooling Spears

A pair of trouble dry grain cooling spears

Grain cooling spears have an important part to play in a professional crop storage system. Hot grain quickly deteriorates and can heat up without warning; cool grain keeps safely.

Trouble-Dry grain cooling spears are a simple solution to the common problem of hot spots in stored crops. They are ideal for cooling small quantities of grain, urgent spot drying and controlling unexpected insect infestations.

Trouble-Dry aeration spears and fans cure the problem before it gets serious – simply screw the spear into the hot spot and suck the heat out.

Fast cooling
Prevent infestation
3 fan options
Screw-in design
Eliminate hotspots
Grain or Rape
Martin Lishman trouble dry grain cooling spears with green fans in a heap of grain.

Advantages and Benefits of Martin Lishman grain cooling spears

  • Choice of spears – to deal with all hot spot problems in both oil seed rape and cereals
  • Strong, extra-long single piece handle – easier to screw the spear in to hot grain
  • Choice of fans – to provide faster cooling of more grain and spot drying

Choice of fans to suit different hot spot problems

Standard martin lishman trouble dry grain cooling spear

Trouble-Dry Standard

Efficient economic fan

Cools up to 15 tons of grain in an area 3m square (9m2)

Cures hot spots in 24 hours (depending on ambient temperature)

Includes Standard single phase fan

Martin Lishman trouble dry extra grain cooling spear.

Trouble-Dry Extra

Stronger fan, faster cooling

Cools more grain – up to 35 tons in an area 5m square (25m2), so spear needs to be moved less often

Cures hot spots faster – in 12 hours (depending on ambient temperature)

Includes Extra higher airflow single phase aluminium body fan

Martin Lishman trouble dry aeration grain cooling spear with ultra green fan

Trouble-Dry Ultra

Supplied with powerful F2 Pile-Dry single or 3 phase fan and reducing adapter

Higher airflow helps achieve extra fast cooling

Ideal for spot drying of grain, peas and beans in small heaps (depending on ambient temperature and humidity)

Choice of spears to cool hot spots in grain, oil seed rape and poppy seeds

Standard 3mm perforations for cooling most grains

Smaller 1.5mm perforations for cooling oil seed rape and grass seeds (also works in grain)

Fine mesh for cooling poppy seeds

Martin Lishman trouble dry aeration grain cooling spears cool grain, rape and poppyseed.

Strong handle

All Trouble-Dry grain cooling spears are supplied with an extra-long single piece handle which makes it easier to screw the spear into hot grain

Full Details and Specifications

Trouble Dry Spears

Trouble DryProduct Code
(for grain)
Product Code
(for rape)
FanHandlePower Connection
StandardTDSTDSRFTDSIncluded2m cable
ExtraTDEBTDERBFTDEBIncluded4m cable with UK plug
UltraSingle phase TDU/1
Three phase TDU/3
Single phase TDUR/1
Three phase TDUR/3
Single phase - F2/1/B
Three phase - F2/3/B
Included2m cable

Grain spear only: TDG
Handle: TDH
Rape spear: TDR
Fan adapter to fit Hot Spot Spear: PED64ADAPTER
Standard fan: FTDS
Extra fan: FTDEB
Ultra fan: F2/1/B or F2/3/B

All available separately

Trouble-Dry Fan Specifications

FanMotorAirflowPressureSound Levels
dB @ 3m/5m
FTDS240v, 50hz, 0.12kW, 0.83A, IP55275 cfm (470 m3/h)1¾”wg (436PA)66/647
FTDEB240v, 50hz, 0.12kW, 0.83A, IP55400 cfm (470 m3/h)2”wg (500PA)70/677
F2/1/B240v, 50hz, 1.1kW, 1.5hp, 6.65A, IP551400 cfm (2380 m3/h)6¼”wg (1550PA)76/7517
F2/3/B415v, 50hz, 1.1kW, 1.5hp, IE3, 2.23A, IP551400 cfm (2380 m3/h)6¼”wg (1550PA)80/7718

Option: Euro plug for FTDEB (please specify when ordering)

Considering Trouble-Dry Grain Cooling Spears for your crop-store? 

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