Protimeter Balemaster bale moisture meter


Professional bale moisture measurement

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The Protimeter Balemaster is the ideal tool to help decide if bales are in a safe condition to store or for assessment at power station intake points.

The Protimeter Balemaster is a 2-piece instrument and probe that really stands up to heavy farm and industrial use. Pressure can be used to force the probe into tough bales, without risk to the instrument.

The Protimeter Balemaster uses a heavy duty 600mm moisture probe that measures the moisture content within the heart of the bale and determines if your straw is in a safe condition to store. An optional temperature probe is also available.

High accuracy
Traffic light system
Protimeter Balemaster bale moisture meter
Backlit display
Fast response
Protimeter Balemaster bale moisture meter
600mm probe
Simple 2 button design

Key Features

Displays straw and hay bale moisture instantly

600mm long probe reaches the centre of big bales

Suitable for all bales, including Miscanthus

600mm probe for checking hay and straw bale temperatures

Calibrated for wheat straw (suitable for other baled products)

Auto-off, backlight, buzzer and moisture description functions

1.5m grain temperature probe also available

Protimeter Balemaster bale moisture meter and probe
Protimeter Balemaster bale moisture meter

Complete Service Package

The Protimeter Balemaster is supplied in a soft carry case with a wrist strap. Martin Lishman also provide a full 12 month warranty and a complete after-sales service and calibration back-up capability.

Full Details and Specifications

Balemaster Handheld Reader

Product CodeResolution% Moisture rangeOperating
humidity range
temperature range
c/w 600mm probe
0.18.5 to 36.8
w/ Bale moisture probe in wheat straw
0-90% RH
Meter: 0°C to 50°C
Temp probe: 0°C to c.80°C
(with bale moisture probe)
19 x 6.6 x 3.5cm9v battery (included)CE, RoHS, ETL

Optional temperature probes

ProductProduct Code
600mm Stainless steel bale temperature probeGRN6154
1.5m stainless steel grain temperature probeGRN6153

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