Dry matter measurement with the Martin Lishman dry matter field kit

Dry Matter Field Kit

Test the Dry Matter of Individual Tubers

Dry matter differs between varieties, but dry matter of the same variety may also vary between seasons in the same field. The Potato Dry Matter Field Kit demonstrates this variability in tubers from field samples. The results can be compared with the bulk sample methods by averaging multiple readings
dry matter field kit
dry matter field kit

Key Features

  • Highly portable – includes all equipment needed for field use. Does not need water to operate.
  • Measures individual tubers – to create a genuine average dry matter for the sample and identify tubers with hollow-heart
  • Low cost method – an accurate weigh scale, known-volume sample corer and careful technique ensures accurate results
  • Standard ware corer – individually calibrated for ware potatoes; optional salad variety size corer (22mm dia.)
  • Dry matter and specific gravity – both are measured from the volumetric weight of the sample using the conversion chart in the kit

2 Versions available

Standard Ware Potato

High accuracy scale, standard ware potato corer, penknife, filter papers, calibration chart, strong carry case

Salad Potato

As left, with additional salad potato corer and calibration chart

How to use the Potato Dry Matter Kit – in 5 easy steps

A core is taken from a pre-cut tuber, weighed accurately together with the calibrated known-volume corer and the weight converted to percentage dry matter and specific gravity using a calibration chart.

dry matter field kit
dry matter field kit
dry matter field kit
dry matter field kit
dry matter field kit
Full Details and Specifications

Product Codes

Dry matter kitProduct Code
Dry Matter Field Kit (standard ware potato)POT/DMK
Salad Potato Dry Matter Field Kit (standard ware potato + additional salad potato corerPOT/DMKS

Technical Specifications

Dry matter
Corer diameterScalesCaseWeight
14.55 - 25%
1049-1113 g/ml
Ware: 31.5mm
Salad: 22mm
150g max
0.1g increment
2x AAA batteries (included)
26.5 x 9.5 x 22.5cm1.06Kg

Keep on top of your dry matter now!

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