beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger


Immediately identifies sources of damage and bruising

Instant damage detection
Bluetooth enabled
Impact and Temperature
USB Connectivity
Android App
Mimics a real sugar beet
beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger on pile off sugarbeet

The BeetLog Electronic Sugar beet identifies damage and bruise causes in all types of sugar beet handling machinery. 

The operator watches the BeetLog passing through a machine and its Bluetooth technology links to an Android app to help immediately indicate sources of impact. 

BeetLog enables immediate improvements to quality problems in sugar beet production. 

BeetLog assists with the prevention of economic losses caused by bruising. 

How does BeetLog work?

  • BeetLog is an acceleration measurement logger embedded in a synthetic shape that mimics the size, shape, density and movement characteristics of a typical sugar beet.
  • BeetLog records impacts while moving with real potatoes during harvesting and processing and locates damage and bruise-causing parts of machinery.
  • BeetLog transmits impacts instantly by Bluetooth, visually on an Android tablet or smartphone and audibly in the device’s headphones, so the operator can immediately locate the impact source.
  • BeetLog records and stores impact and temperature values. The data is transferred by Bluetooth or USB to a PC or laptop where it can be analysed using the software supplied.
  • BeetLog is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged by connecting to the USB interface of a computer or with the charging kit supplied.
beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger
beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger android app

Android App

The BeetLog connects to an Android tablet via Bluetooth. The app gives users the ability to see in real time the shocks received by the BeetLog. Operators can accurately identify the location and severity of the shock and quickly decide whether remedial work is needed.

Operators can select their own reporting thresholds, so small shocks show up as a green alert, intermediate ones as orange and severe ones as red. Each alert is accompanied by a different audible alarm.

The recorded data can be viewed in real time and can be viewed in different forms such as tables or graphs. 

Suited to testing all sugar beet harvesting and handling situations

beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger
beetlog electronic sugar beet data logger

Interpretation of Results

Sugar beet damage is related to impact, but variety, temperature and growing conditions all affect how much bruising occurs at a given impact.

BeetLog doesn’t measure damage levels in real sugar beet, but the user can interpret the impact information and change machine settings to reduce impact levels and minimise damage.

PC software allows detailed analysis of impact records

Table of individual impacts
Real-time graph of impacts
Distribution of impact levels

Why use BeetLog as part of quality control procedures?

BeetLog assists with the prevention of economic losses caused by bruising

BeetLog enables immediate improvements to quality problems in sugar beet production

BeetLog can provide peace of mind that quality standards are being maintained

BeetLog should be used regularly so that bruising problems caused by poor machine maintenance or incorrect settings can be detected quickly. Machine settings are often changed, but the effects on bruising may not be realised. A quick check with BeetLog can make sure.

Who can benefit from using BeetLog?

Sugar beet growers, producers and processors

  • Reducing damage and bruising in sugar beet handling machinery
  • Increasing the return on the investment in the crop
  • Retaining key customers through consistent supply of high quality sugar beet

Manufacturers of harvesting and post-harvesting machinery

  • Assisting users to set-up their machines to avoid high impact levels
  • Improving machinery design by identifying high impact levels
  • Demonstrating the quality levels of sugar beet passing through the machines

Agronomists and Crop Consultants

  • Advising on ideal machine settings for bruise-free production
  • Carrying out objective comparisons of production facilities
  • Providing evidence for adherence to quality control procedures 

Research and development technicians

  • Determining thresholds for the risk of damage to sugar beet due to impact force
  • Investigating materials and handling techniques that would reduce the risk of damage to sugar beet

2 Versions available 

BeetLog PTR600

Sugar beet shape datalogger, App, PC software

BeetLog PTR700

Sugar beet shape datalogger, App, PC software, Android tablet

Full Details and Specifications
Sampling rateWeightDimensionsPowerBluetooth
operating range
Weight full
1000 Hz1.9kg23 x 14 x 5cmRechargeable battery
Life: 10hrs to 1 month
Depending on use
20m Line of sight30 x 28 x 16cm2.9Kg

PTR 600 (Product Code: POT/PTR600) 

Data logger embedded in a synthetic shape designed to mimic the size, shape and density of a sugar beet, with replaceable sealing caps 

QR code link to download: 

– BeetLog App suited to Android tablet or smartphone (not iOS) 

– PC software for unlimited data download function 

– Instruction manual in English

Bluetooth USB adapter; USB connection and charging cable; strong carry case

PTR 700 (Product Code: POT/PTR700) 

As PTR 600 above, with Android Tablet, pre-loaded with BeetLog App 

Operating method: 3-axis shock sensor with sampling rate of 1000 Hz, selectable measurement period and pre-set peak value threshold. Data readout is wireless via Bluetooth interface or USB connection to a PC (using software supplied) or Android tablet or smartphone (using App supplied or downloadable from the Google Play Store). 

Tablet specifications may vary according to available model and manufacturer

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