potato temperature monitoring

Potato Temperature Monitoring

Three reasons to measure Potato Temperatures

  • Temperature monitoring gives early warning of quality problems and the opportunity to take action before the situation gets worse
  • Monitoring shows whether temperature targets have been reached – which can save energy by avoiding unnecessary ventilation use
  • Monitoring allows accurate and confident control and management of the stored crop

Potato Temperature Spikes

For quick and accurate temperature measurement in individual tubers

Key Features

Two accuracy ranges available: +/- 0.3°C or +/- 1°C
Stainless steel probe – with thermistor sensor
Data hold function – to retain displayed value
High contrast LCD display – with function indicators
Waterproof polycarbonate case – with membrane keypad

potato temperature monitoring

Single-Sensor Temperature Packages

potato temperature monitoring

MiniTemp Monitor
Portable Measurement Package

For temperature measurement in bulk or box stored potatoes. A simple and inexpensive way to measure crop temperature and conform to quality assurance schemes. Comes with either a 600mm, 1.5m or 2m fast response stainless steel sensor with T-bar handle.

  • Easy to use – place sensor in the potatoes when filling and connect to the MiniTemp monitor
  • Latching connector – prevents accidental disconnection
  • Can be used with flexible sensors – any length, up to c. 50m

MiniTemp Blue
Static Measurement Package

MiniTemp Blue Bluetooth crop temperature monitor and data logger with iOS/Android App and rigid, PVC temperature sensor in either 2m or 3m lengths. Ideal for For temperature measurement in bulk or box stored potatoes.

  • Instant temperature readings with Android or iOS app
  • Avoids claiming heaps to take readings
  • Logs temperature data for up to 6 months
  • Download stored data for long-term record keeping

Multi-Sensor Temperature Packages

Multi Switch Box with Mini Temp

Multi-Sensor Selector
Potato Store Monitoring Package

For a simple potato box or bulk store multi-sensor monitoring system. Sensors can be any length, up to c.50m. Monitor and sensor selector can be conveniently located at ground level. See the specifications section below for package options.

Fast monitoring– and ensures readings are always from the same part of the box or store

Saves time – allowing faster decisions about store management

Simple, convenient and inexpensive – allows flexibility in store monitoring design

How does the Multi-Sensor Selector work?

The Multi-Sensor Selector is a junction box capable of having up to 12 crop temperature sensors plugged into it. It is supplied with a lead to connect it to a MiniTemp monitor or a Martin Lishman Temperature Differential Controller . A rotary selector connects each crop sensor in turn to the MiniTemp which displays the sensor temperature reading.

Multi-sensor monitoring packages are available including the Multi-Sensor Selector and up to 12 flexible temperature sensors of varying lengths.

For more information on multi-sensor monitoring of other crops, Click Here

potato temperature monitoring
The Multi-Sensor Selector provides multiple temperature records quickly

Barn Owl Wireless is a modular multi-sensor monitoring and automatic ventilation control system. The flexibility of the system makes it ideally suited to potato store monitoring in all sizes and types of store.

Barn Owl Wireless sends live temperature updates to the store manager.
The Barn Owl Wireless webpage shows historical temperature and fan use data in graph or table format

Key Features

  • Web-based system– no software to install or on-site PC required.
  • Automatic control – with independent control of each ventilation fan, using a range of programmes, providing significant energy cost savings
  • Remote monitoring – avoids driving to stores to record temperatures or operate ventilation systems
  • Verifiable data records – showing store temperature profile, ventilator usage, cooling costs
  • Modular system– with no limit to the quantity of sensors or automatic controllers

How Barn Owl Wireless works

Wireless radio transmitters are attached to flexible crop sensors in boxed or bulk stored potatoes. Temperature data is transmitted by SIM card to the internet and can be accessed from any location. Automatic fan controllers give independent control of each ventilating fan using a range of programmes, providing significant energy cost savings.

The Barn Owl Wireless webpage reproduces the box store to show temperatures in each layer and identify areas requiring cooling or ventilation

Barn Owl Wireless step by step

1. Temperature data in the potato store is sent to the gateway

2. Data is sent to the cloud via the GSM network

3. Data on the webpage is accessed via the Internet

4. Fan controls are selected on the webpage

5. Fan controls are sent to the gateway

6. Fan controls are sent to fan controllers to turn on/off extraction fans

Full Details and Specifications

Potato Temperature Spikes

Spike typeProduct
(-20 to 120°C)
-50 to 150°CIP65125mm long
25mm dia.
0.1°C0.7 sec1x AAA
Life: 5000h
High AccuracyPOT/TBARHIGH+/- 0.3°C
(-20 to 90°C)
-50 to 220°CIP65125mm long
25mm dia.
0.1°C0.7 sec1x AAA
Life: 5000h

MiniTemp Monitor portable measurement packages

Product CodeSensorReaderFeaturesAccuracyRangePower

600mm Stainless steel
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10PS600)

(Product Code: CQ/MTM10)

Max, Min, Auto-off
Calibration certificate

+/- 0.4°C

-40°C to 125°C

3x AAA Battery


1.5m Stainless steel
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10PS)


2m Stainless steel
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10PS15)

MiniTemp Blue static measurement packages

Product CodeSensorReaderFeaturesAccuracyRangeResolutionPower

2m PVC
(Product Code: FC054)

MiniTemp bluetooth data logger
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10BLUE)

Data logging with iOS/Android app

+/- 0.5°C

-25°C +75°C


Lithium 1/2AA 3.6v


3m PVC
(Product Code: FC055)

MiniTemp bluetooth data logger
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10BLUE)


2m Stainless steel
(Product Code: FC063)

MiniTemp Blue waterproof bluetooth data logger
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10BLUE/EXT)


1s – 24hr

1s – 6 month

32,000 values

Bluetooth 4.0



Multi-Sensor Switch potato store monitoring packages

Product CodeFlexible SensorsMulti-Sensor SwitchFor use with
CQ/MULTIPACK/FLEX63 x 20m & 3 x 30m

(Product Code: CQ/MULTISWITCH)

MiniTemp Monitor
Temperature Differential Controller

CQ/MULTIPACK/FLEX124 x 20m, 4 x 30m & 4 x 40m

Multi-Sensor Switch

Product CodeDimensionsWeight
CQ/MULTISWITCH165 x 120 x 85mm450g

Flexible Cable Temperature Sensors

Product CodeLength

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