On-site building analysis 

The Martin Lishman range of building moisture analysis equipment provides valuable tools for use when surveying buildings, inspecting a home, drying a building after a flood, or testing concrete moisture for a flooring application.

Product code: BLD4600
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Digital Floor Hygrometer

  • One of the easiest building moisture meters to use
  • Designed to assist the flooring professional in determining the ERH of floor screeds and sub floor slabs
  • Accurate thermo-hygrometer – indicates both relative humidity and air temperature
  • Temperature measurement can be important as it affects the humidity reading
  • Thermo-hygrometer records min and max values whilst it remains switched on
  • Battery life – 5000 hours continuous use
  • Supplied with 3 rolls of butyl tape to allow air-tight seals to the surface of the substrate under test



  • Max and Min memory on RH% and oC
  • Real time RH% and oC display



  • Measurement range: 20-99%; Accuracy +/- 3%; 0-50oC; Accuracy +/- 1oC
  • Display resolution: 1%
  • Display update: 10 seconds
  • Power supply: 3v 2032 Coin Cell


Spares pack (BLD 4603-SPARE)

  • 3 rolls of butyl tape
building moisture meters
Product code: BLD4900

Salts Analysis Kit

Certain nitrates and chlorides are deposited by the evaporation of soil water (rising damp) on the surface of walls and floors. A meaningful analysis can be carried out using the Salts Analysis Kit. If there are positive indicators for both chloride and nitrates, then the water that deposited those salts can be said to be soil bound, hence supporting a case for rising damp, as opposed to rain water ingress or a leaking water pipe.

  • The Martin Lishman Salts Analysis Kit is used to assess the level of chloride and nitrate contamination on walls when diagnosing dampness problems in buildings
  • Simple to use
  • Sufficient chemicals for 10 tests

The kit contains: De-ionised water, Chloride and Nitrate reaction vessels, Chloride tablets (x10), Nitrate No 1 tablets (x10), Nitrate No 2 tablets (x10), Spoon, Colour chart, Instructions


Tablet refill packs for 10 tests are available (BLD4901)

  • Chloride, Nitrate No. 1 or Nitrate No. 2 tablets


Reaction vessel refill pack (BLD4902)

  • 10 x 20ml container
  • 10 x 125ml container 

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