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Livestock Building Ventilation Systems

Heat produced by livestock naturally rises. If it is unable to exhaust from the building, it will condense on cold roof surfaces, increase humidity and make bedding damp and cold. This creates a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive.

Not only does this increase the risk of disease for livestock, it also increases heat stress levels which can have a serious impact on productivity, particularly with milk production, as well as fertility, miscarriage and low calf birth weights.

Installing a livestock building ventilation system provides a continuous stream of fresh air which alleviates the effects of heat stress and contributes to maintaining and increasing livestock production levels.

livestock building ventilation system
Reduce heat stress
Universal mounting
Removes moisture, heat and odours
Maximise animal productivity
Improve efficiency and health
Provide a uniform distribution of air
livestock building ventilation system helps reduce heat stress

Why use the Martin Lishman StockVent Livestock Building Ventilation system?

  • StockVent is specifically designed to enhance the quality of the environment in the livestock building throughout each season of the year
  • StockVent removes moisture, heat and odours generated by livestock, replenishing the supply of oxygen by bringing in cooler, drier air from outside the building
  • StockVent removes harmful gases such as ammonia, methane and Hydrogen Sulphide which benefits animals and farm workers

Heat Stress

Dairy cows need to maintain a constant body temperature of 38.8°C +/- 0.5°C. When an animal becomes heat stressed, feed intake will decline which in turn will affect milk yield.

There is also likely to be a reduction in fertility and an increase in embryonic loss. An increase in cases of clinical mastitis is often seen in heat stressed animals.

livestock building ventilation system heat stress chart
livestock building ventilation system offers multiple fan versions

Ultimate Versatility

The Martin Lishman range of StockVent livestock building ventilation fans come in a vast range of sizes and shapes to make them ideal for suiting your existing building. 

5 Versions available 

livestock building ventilation system belt drive fan


  • Used in larger buildings, such as cow cubicle housing
  • Substantial airflow at low pressures and low energy consumption
  • Galvanised sheet steel fan housing with bird mesh on both sides
  • Motors protected to IP55 with sealed bearings
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel impeller
  • Optional built-in centrifugally operated back-draught shutter – once opened, fan performance is unaffected
Belt-Drive FanMax Vol (m3/S)Max Pressure (Pa)VoltsWattsFLC AmpsABCWt (kg)dBA @ 3m

Mounting options

The range is available in four variations for either wall mounting with shutters, suspension mounting from roof space with eye bolts or floor mounting with wheels.

livestock building ventilation system turbulator


  • Control of insects in the summer months
  • Overcomes dunging problems
  • A reduction in heat stress
  • Constant airflow to eliminate condensation and reduce harmful gases
  • Can be mounted at any angle for optimum coverage
  • Supplied with 3 metre cable and 13 amp plug
Product CodeAirflow
VoltsWattsFLC AmpsThrow of air
Fan Dia
Sound Level
dBA @3m
livestock building ventilation system floor standing fans

Freestanding and wall fans

  • Provide powerful, cool, yet effective, positive air movement – to improve the environmental conditions, especially in milking parlours
  • Powerful 650mm three speed fan – deliver up to 3.83m³/s of air
  • Wall mounted fans – can be mounted to any structurally sound wall, rafter or post
  • Free-standing fans – supported by a cast iron base to provide sturdiness and durability
Product CodeAirflow
Sound Level
dBA @3m
WattsFLC AmpsWeight
livestock building ventilation system typhoon fan

Typhoon floor fans

  • Versatile circulation fans ideal for a variety of agricultural buildings
  • The range offers high performance motors, efficient cooling and quiet operation
Product CodeAirflow
Fan diameter


The StockVent Ventilation Sock System provides a constant, positive supply of fresh air to dilute foul air and, at the same time, create an even air movement in the building. The system is easy to install and improves the animals’ environment at low cost. 

Specifications vary depending on installation. Enquire now to discuss your requirements. 

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