Introducing The Next-Gen Grainmaster App

Crop Storage Specialists, Martin Lishman Ltd announces the launch of their new Grainmaster i2 Smartphone App.

Since its initial release in 2019, the Grainmaster App has revolutionised the grain moisture testing process. Complimenting the UK’s most popular moisture meter, the Grainmaster i2, farmers can quickly and securely log moisture readings directly to their smartphone. With just a few button presses, all measurements are safely stored on their mobile devices, ready for data export when needed for crop assurance or managing conditioning systems. Gone are the days of losing paper notes or struggling to decipher the farm manager’s handwriting.

After a successful five-year run of the original app, Martin Lishman is excited to introduce an enhanced version of the app, now named Grainmaster i2, aligning the app with the moisture meters name.

The new Grainmaster i2 app boasts a more intuitive user interface, an enhanced sample point measurement system, and superior data visualization capabilities.

Farmers will benefit from the improved sample point measurement system, which offers greater precision and ease in monitoring crop conditions. The app’s enhanced graph display, and list view provide clearer, more detailed visual representations of moisture and temperature data.

The new version is also designed to accommodate the vast array of screen sizes across mobile devices. This ensures that every user, regardless of the device, gets the same experience and functionality.

“The initial release of the Grainmaster app exceeded all our expectations, becoming an indispensable tool for farmers. It has changed the way our customers track and manage grain moistures and temperatures,” said Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “With the launch of the new app, we’re introducing substantial improvements that we believe will enhance the user experience. We’re excited for our customers to enjoy these upgrades and for the app to continue to help farmers make informed decisions during the post-harvest stage.”

The app maintains its innovative functionality for managing multiple crop stores and tracking conditions of various marked locations. Colour-coded place-markers aid in identifying areas of the store requiring attention, making it easier to monitor and control conditioning systems effectively. This improvement can lead to more efficient cooling and reduced energy consumption.

The free app is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on the Grainmaster i2, visit

Martin Lishman Ltd is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative agricultural products that meet the rigorous demands of modern farming. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Martin Lishman is at the forefront of agricultural technology, providing award winning solutions that advance farm management and productivity.

The Grainmaster i2 app shows detailed grain moisture and temperature readings.
The Grainmaster i2 app provides detailed visual representations of grain moisture and temperature data.

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