Soil Samplers

A wide range of sampling solutions for all soil types and depths, from simple pot plant samplers to heavy duty augers with reinforced hammering heads. The most widely used in agriculture is the footrest soil sampler. All soil sampling augers are manufactured from stainless steel with titanium components.

soil samplers

Why use a Soil Sampler?

Soil samplers are used to collect samples at or near the ground surface. They allow you to provide a quick soil profile and to determine soil moisture content. Samples may also be collected to allow for later chemical analysis of the soil sample.

Versions Available:

Hand Soil Sampling Auger

Overall length – 35cm
Sampling depth – 20cm
Outer diameter – 16mm
Inner diameter – 14mm
Spherical handle diameter – 30mm
Weight – 150g

Product code: SOILSMPLR5001

soil samplers
Soil Auger with Foot Rest

Overall length – 81cm
Sampling depth – 30cm
Outer diameter – 20mm
Inner diameter –  14mm
Weight – 1.5Kg

Product code: SOILSMPLR5006

soil samplers
Soil Sampling Auger with Hammer Head

Overall length – 81cm
Sampling depth – 60cm
Outer diameter – 20mm
Inner diameter – 13mm
Weight – 2.4Kg

Product code: SOILSMPLR5012

Soil Profile Spade

Material: stainless steel
Total length – 750mm
lnsertion depth – 200mm
Weight – 2.6 kg


Many other sizes and designs of soil sampler, including compost and profile samplers, are available – please ask for further details.

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