MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor

Crop Temperature

Quick, Simple Temperature Monitoring

The Martin Lishman MiniTemp Crop Temperature monitor is essential for conforming to quality assurance schemes. Regular store checks help to ensure fast, energy efficient crop cooling.

The MiniTemp is a simple digital monitor used most commonly with the 1.5m fast response stainless steel temperature sensor. The reading stabilises soon after insertion into the grain.

Fast Response
MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor
Min, Max, and Hold buttons
MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor
Connect multiple sensors with a multiswitchbox
Latching connector – prevents accidental disconnection during use
MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor and probe used to measure crop temperatures

The fast response 1.5m portable stainless steel sensor enables several readings to be taken quickly

MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor and static probe

Multiple 2m or 3m PVC static sensors can monitor bulk stored crops throughout the storage period. They are left in place and the MiniTemp monitor connected when a reading is required.

Minitemp Monitor with extension lead for measuring grain temperatures

Cable sensors of lengths up to 50m can be used to monitor bulk or box stored potatoes, by placing them in the heap or boxes as the store is filled. They are left in place and the MiniTemp monitor connected when a reading is required.

Simple Multi-Sensor Temperature Monitoring

Connect up to 12 crop temperature sensors to a Multi-Sensor Switch using sensor extension cables and plug in a MiniTemp Monitor to create a simple logging system in all types of crop storage, including potatoes

Multi Switch Box with Mini Temp
Multi-switch box is used with minitemp to create multiple crop sensor readings

Benefits of Multi-Sensor Monitoring

  • Provides multiple records quickly and ensures readings are always taken in the same place.
  • Helps to decide where and when to locate cooling fans.
  • Locating the Multi-Sensor Switch at ground level saves walking on the grain to take readings.

Wide selection of optional probes

MiniTemp Handheld Reader

MiniTemp Crop Temperature Monitor

Hand held temperature monitor

Auto off, max/min, hold functions

Portable Probes:

Stainless steel

Fast response

Static, Rigid Probes:


For pre installing

Full Details and Specifications

Mini-Temp Handheld Reader

Product CodeFeaturesAccuracyOperating rangePower
CQ/MTM10Max, Min, Auto-off, Calibration certificate+/- 0.4°C over range -10°C to 70°C-40°C to 125°C3x AAA battery (included)

Optional sensors and accessories

ProductProduct CodeType
Multi-Sensor SwitchCQ/MULTISWITCH-
1.5m portable stainless steel probe for grainCQ/MTM10PSPortable Probe
2m portable stainless steel probe for grainCQ/MTM10PS2Portable Probe
600mm stainless steel probe for balesCQ/MTM10PS600Portable Probe
2m PVC probe for grainFC054Static Probe
3m PVC probe for grainFC055Static Probe
2m stainless steel probe for compostFC060Static Probe
Cable senorTEMPFLEXSENSOR10/(LENGTH)Static Probe
Sensor extension cableFC046/(LENGTH)Static Probe

12 sensor input sockets, output socket with connecting cable and plugs; Dimensions: 165 x 120 x 85 mm; Weight: 450g 

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