Compact Sprayers

Compact Sprayers suitable for agriculture, horticulture, sports turf and amenity spraying. Designed and built by Martin Lishman, combining amenity specification and flexibility with agricultural strength and durability.

compact atv mounted sprayers

ATV Mounted

A labour-saving alternative to knapsack spraying. The 70 litre Mini-Spray range of ATV mounted spraying systems is suitable for many small spraying jobs including spot treatments, field margins, crop stores, paths, paddocks, sports turf, amenity areas and large gardens.


Our Demount sprayers are a complete self-contained spraying system for mounting on utility vehicles, pick-up trucks and other suitable vehicles. Simply load onto the vehicle, secure in place with the turnbuckles provided and it is ready to use. Easy removal of the unit allows vehicles to be kept completely universal.

compact demount sprayer for UTV
compact tractor mounted sprayers

Tractor Mounted

Our tractor mounted sprayers are suitable for agriculture, horticulture, sports turf and amenity spraying.  Models are available with Standard or PRO specification and a choice of tank, boom and pump sizes.  The compact dimensions of each machine keep it within the wheelbase of the tractor. This allows easy access to all areas and reduces the risk of damage.


Trailed sprayers are ideal for towing behind ATVs and lawn or compact tractors and are suitable for many spraying jobs that are field or garden-based including spot treatments, field margins, conservation headlands, paths, paddocks, sports turf, amenity areas and large gardens.

compact trailed sprayers
Martin Lishman micro spray pedestrian sprayer


Combining control and power with responsive easy handling, the Martin Lishman Micro-Spray is designed for all types of sports grounds, golf courses and landscaping work. The Micro-Spray brings a new concept in spraying versatility to the groundsman’s armoury.

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