Underfloor Grain Cooling System

Floorvent is faster versatile economical

grain pedestals highest airflow
High Airflow
Faster cooling
Low installation cost
Easier overhead filling
Store up to 14m
Top of a FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System pedestal

FloorVent grainstore underfloor ventilation is a cost-saving grain cooling system for new floors, new stores, hopper bottomed bins and silos. It combines the benefits of Pile-Dry Grain Pedestals and Fans with the need to make store handling and filling easier.

FloorVent suits deep grain stores where logistics and safety considerations make moving fans between Pedestals difficult.

FloorVent Pedestals are used in the same way as Pile-Dry Pedestals and Pile-Dry Fans with the same spacing and method of use as the P3 Pedestal and F3 fan.

Martin Lishman floorvent under floor ventilation system utilises our high airflow green ventilation fans
FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System being loaded by an overhead conveyor

Key Features

  • Economic – low installation cost per ton and more energy-efficient localised cooling, compared to traditional under-floor systems
  • Simple – FloorVent underfloor ventilation units comprise a perforated Pedestal tube with a conical cap to deflect grain during filling. The tube connects to an under-floor duct via a base plate in a recess in the concrete floor. When the store is empty, a man-hole cover placed over the recess leaves the floor totally multi-purpose.
  • Versatile – suited to very deep grain in stores, bins and silos where logistics and safety considerations make moving fans between Pedestals difficult. They can be fitted into new floors during construction or retro-fitted to existing floors or hopper-bottom bins and silos.

How FloorVent works

FloorVent underfloor grain cooling units comprise a 12” diameter perforated steel Pedestal tube with a conical cap fitted into one end. The cap serves to deflect grain that is poured onto the unit, sometimes from very high conveyor systems. 

The tube is fitted to an underfloor duct via a steel base plate connector that fits into a man-hole recess in the concrete floor. 

When not in use, the tube and connector plate are removed and a man-hole cover is used to cover the hole and leave the floor totally multi-purpose. 

Cross section diagram of a FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System
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Easier Filling

Less chance that the FloorVent underfloor ventilation ducts will move during filling. When pushing up or levelling the grain, there is no tube protruding from the grain that could be damaged.

Direct Heat Extraction

Pile-Dry Fans suck heat from the grain and vent it directly outside the building, avoiding the need for building extraction fans – although fresh air intake using our fixed StoreVent louvres is still advisable.

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Martin Lishman FloorVent uses standard building materials, greatly reducing installation cost and time when compared to typical underfloor ventilation systems

Installing a FloorVent Underfloor Ventilation System

  • Easier and cheaper than traditional underfloor cooling systems
  • Uses standard building materials, greatly reducing installation cost and time
  • No reinforced concrete channels or ventilation strips in the floor
  • Just a simple trench with solid, smooth-walled drainage pipe, back-filled
  • Concrete floor is laid and skimmed quickly and easily

Typical FloorVent Underfloor Ventilation System installation

FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System being installed in a new grain store
New builds
FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System installation in existing grain store
Existing store
FloorVent Underfloor Grain Cooling System silo variant.
Silo configuration
Martin Lishman ventilation systems are mixture of versatility and low cost

Choosing FloorVent or Pile-Dry Pedestals?

From an overall cost versus benefit point of view, Pile-Dry Pedestal and Fans is the most cost-effective crop cooling system.

For new floors or new stores, where grain will be stored above 6-7m depth, a FloorVent Underfloor Ventilation system provides greater practical benefits when filling the store and handling the fans.

When compared to a traditional underfloor system, FloorVent is the most cost-effective grain cooling system.

Full Details and Specifications

Scope of use

For crops 4.5 – 18m deep. Includes perforated duct, mounting plate, conical end cap and marker pole assembly. Normal spacing 10m apart. Store no deeper than 4.5m for 18%+ grain moistures.

Applications: can be fitted in new concrete floors, retrofitted to old concrete floors and in hopper-bottomed bins and silos. Uses standard building materials below ground level, at a fraction of the cost of traditional under-floor systems. Please ask for further details and examples.

FloorVent Dimensions

Product codePerforated Duct
WxH (ft inches)
Base plate size
Conical end cap diam
Marker Pole Length
Total weight
P3/FV12" x 3'17.5" x 17.5"12"6.5'18

NB: FloorVent Pedestal component measurements are Imperial and are not compatible with metric sized ducts. Metric sizes shown are approximate equivalents to the actual Imperial sizes.

Assembly and installation: Components are simple to assemble and position on the floor. Under-floor and external components should be installed by a competent civil engineering contractor.

Considering using a FloorVent Underfloor Ventilation System for your store?

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