grain sampling spears

Grain Sampling Spears

Solid core, stretched core, single head

grain sampling spears
grain sampling spears

Grain sampling spears are a helpful tool for pulling grain samples from storage at different depths for analysis. Best used with one of our moisture meters to gain an insight into the crop condition. 

grain sampling spears

Versions available:

single head sampling spear

Single head sampling spear

For small samples at depth to use in moisture meters. Supplied in two screw-together sections. 

Brass sliding head opens and samples at depth required. Approx 50g grain sample.

solid core grain sampling spears

Solid core sampling spear

For drying bed profile and general crop moisture sampling. Holes begin 0.6m from the top of the spear. Approx. 290g grain sample.

stretched core grain sampling spears

Stretched core sampling spear

For lorry load profile sampling. Holes stretch along the full length of the spear. Approx. 480g grain sample. 

Full Details and Specifications
Spear typeProduct CodeLengthDiameterSample size
Single HeadCQ/SHS2.6mNAc.50g
Solid CoreCQ/SCS2mod. 32mm, id. 22.5mmc.290g
Stretched CoreCQ/SCSSP2mod. 32mm, id. 22.5mmc.480g

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