15 Years of FloorVent

As Martin Lishman Ltd celebrates the 15th anniversary of their ground-breaking FloorVent Underfloor Ventilation system, the company also highlights the synergy with their flagship product, Barn Owl Wireless, in revolutionising crop storage solutions.

Introduced to enhance crop conditioning efficiency, FloorVent has been a game-changer in the industry. “Fast, efficient cooling is vital in the face of larger storage designs and rising ambient temperatures,” explains Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “FloorVent’s unmatched airflow and compatibility with both new and existing grain stores, has been key in meeting these challenges.”

The system’s success over the years is attributed to its adaptability and efficiency. Compatible with new builds and existing grain stores, FloorVent utilises Lishman’s high-airflow perforated pipe and externally mounted Pile-Dry Fans to pull cool air into the store, extract warm air from the heap and expel it directly out the store, accelerating the cooling process at reduced energy costs.

Martin Lishman FloorVent pedestals in a grainstore being loaded by a conveyor system
FloorVent uses underfloor ducts connected to highly efficient cooling fans on the exterior of the building to expel hot air to atmosphere.

The integration of Barn Owl Wireless with FloorVent marks a significant advancement in crop storage management. This award-winning system enables farmers to remotely monitor and control crop stores, ensuring optimum storage conditions are met and further increasing the efficiency of FloorVent. “Barn Owl Wireless transforms how our customers manage crop stores,” explains Capper. “With wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring, it allows for real-time temperature, humidity, and CO2 tracking, and automatic control modes efficiently operate cooling fans, significantly reducing energy costs.”

As Martin Lishman Ltd celebrates FloorVent’s 15-year milestone, this helps represent the company’s commitment to sustainable and efficient post-harvest storage. “Our journey with FloorVent and Barn Owl Wireless demonstrates our dedication to providing farmers with the tools they need for high-quality, cost-effective crop storage,” concludes Capper.

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