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Temperature and Humidity Fan Controller
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The Barn Owl Stand-Alone Temperature and Humidity Fan Controller combines the benefits of the Temperature Differential and Thermo-Humidistat Controllers in one unit and includes an additional 3 drying programmes which allow only air of the correct humidity to ventilate the grain. The controller also includes crop temperature measurement, so it can be changed to a temperature differential control programme after drying has been completed.

The Barn Owl Stand Alone Temperature and Humidity Fan controller displays crop temperature, ambient air temperature and relative humidity and includes sensors with extension cables to measure the same parameters. There are 8 pre-set control programmes, including 3 drying programmes for different grain moistures and temperature differential control for crop cooling.

temperature differential and humidity fan control panel
barn owl stand alone temperature and humidity fan controller

Static Barn Owl Stand-Alone Controller

Controls any quantity of single or 3 phase fans, including Pile-Dry and FloorVent crop cooling fans and StoreVent building air extraction fans. An automatic fan starter is required for each fan being controlled.

Portable Barn Owl Stand-Alone Controller

Controls automatically up to 5 single phase or 3 phase portable fans. It has built-in starters for each fan being controlled and can be repositioned when fans are moved. It is supplied with all plugs and sockets to connect the fans to the controller and the controller to the power supply and just requires a suitable 32 Amp power supply, so extensive electrical installation work is avoided.

Temperature and Humidity Fan Controller

Full Details and Specifications

Includes ambient RH and temperature & crop temperature display, 8 control programmes including drying and temperature differential; 2m rigid crop temperature sensor with 20m extension cable, air temperature sensor with 10m extension cable.

Product Codes: Static version: BARNOWLCONTSA, Portable version: FCBM/BO…specify fan quantity & type. Options: 3m crop sensor (Product code: FC055), longer extension cables (FC046/length), automatic fan starters with and without time delay (code depends on fan type), dual channel version with additional 2m crop temperature sensor and 20m extension cable


Static Automatic Controller – to control any quantity of single or 3 phase fans for wiring directly to a control panel or suitable automatic starters. Dimensions (control unit only): 41 x 29 x 13cm. Power supply: 240v to controller

Portable Automatic Controller – board-mounted unit for up to four single or five 3 phase fans (depending on rating), with 32A power input socket & plug, fan connection plugs and sockets, built-in starter/overloads. Dimensions: 61 x 45 x 19cm. Weight: c.10Kg. Power supply: 240v or 415v as specified

Accuracy: +/-3%RH over 0-90% RH, +/-5% above 90%; +/-0.5°C over 0 – 70°C, full range -55°-125°C.

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