4 Ways to Monitor
Grain Temperatures

High temperatures can cause deterioration of grain very quickly, so it is essential to monitor the crop to ensure the temperature is consistent throughout the store and grain quality is maintained. 

Monitoring grain temperatures enable store managers to make quick decisions on when and where to use crop ventilation fans and to keep records for crop assurance purposes. Used in conjunction with a Martin Lishman automatic fan controller, this can contribute to greater storage efficiency and significant energy cost savings.

But which monitoring method is best for you? 

Martin Lishman offers several solutions to monitor stored grain that cater for a range of budgets.

The MiniTemp Monitor is a easy to use hand held device for quickly measuring grain temperatures.

1. MiniTemp Monitor

The Martin Lishman MiniTemp Crop Temperature monitor is ideal for regular store checks to ensure fast, energy efficient crop cooling. Commonly used with our 1.5m fast response stainless steel probe.

The MiniTemp Blue measures grain temperatures and sends the readings to a smartphone via Bluetooth

2. Minitemp Blue

MiniTemp Blue enables fast crop temperature monitoring with data logging, using Bluetooth technology. Log temperature data automatically for long-term record keeping and evidence for quality assurance schemes.

The AgroLog wireless temperature and moisture probe wirelessly transmits grain temperatures to the user.

3. AgroLog Wireless Moisture and Temperature Probe

The AgroLog Wireless Sensor probe is a set-and-forget solution. It accurately monitors temperature and even moisture content of stored crops. The probe sends temperature and moisture data via the cellular network to the cloud where they can be accessed on the AgroLog app on any internet enabled device.

Barn Owl Wireless enables store managers to wirelessly monitor grain temperatures from anywhere in the world.

4. Barn Owl Wireless

The ultimate monitoring solution. Wireless grain temperature probes transmit data to a web portal for analysis. To take the system to the next level, the ability to control and manage cooling fans remotely can be added. Barn Owl Wireless users can expect at least a 40% reduction on energy costs when cooling grain.

The Martin Lishman team are on hand to make sure we keep you going this harvest. We keep parts in stock ready to dispatch straight to your farm. 

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