Have you done your pre-harvest checks?

When it’s time to fill the store, a few simple checks before harvest can help keep things running smoothly. Martin Lishman Ltd, specialists in crop storage and quality equipment recommend paying particular attention to the on-farm moisture meter.

pre harvest checks to your moisture meter will keep you going

The Protimeter Grainmaster, which was voted best for accuracy in a user survey, is a precision instrument that will continue to give accurate results for many years, but only if it is serviced and maintained regularly. “We service and calibrate grain moisture meters to make them as accurate as possible, but as soon as they leave our workshop, it’s important to maintain the unit so it stays accurate.” explains Martin Lishman’s Service Manager, Richard Jagger. “Cleaning the instrument regularly, replacing the blade and feeder ring if necessary and using the meter in stable, constant temperature conditions are a few things the user can do to get the best results.”

Martin Lishman’s moisture meter service centre ensures your meter, regardless of make, is working and calibrated against known moisture grain samples. With peak times expected to be in June, farmers are urged to send in their meter as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Other precautions that can be taken include placing insect floor traps around an empty store to highlight a potential infestation, or to demonstrate that a store is clear of insects and avoid the need for unnecessary spraying with chemicals. A once over check of all cooling equipment is also recommended, ensuring fans and control systems are operating as required and there is enough ventilation to accommodate the expected yield.

Martin Lishman stock a wide range of cooling systems and moisture meters as well as crop monitoring solutions to keep you going this harvest.

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