Martin Lishman Brings Energy-Saving Grain Cooling Systems to Cereals 2023

Crop storage specialists, Martin Lishman Ltd, are thrilled to announce their participation at Cereals 2023. Taking place just before harvest, the event presents the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their latest energy-saving grain cooling systems.

For over 45 years, Martin Lishman’s grain cooling systems have helped farmers across the UK and beyond to save energy while maintaining a higher quality of stored grains. As the need for more sustainable agriculture becomes apparent, the firm’s innovation into post-harvest technology continues to make strides towards improving the efficiency of its product lines.

The unrivaled airflow design of their Pile-Dry Pedestals and Pile-Dry cooling fans mean they can drive grain temperatures down quickly. When paired with one of Martin Lishman’s automatic fan controllers, the system uses temperature and humidity sensors placed around the store and advanced cooling algorithms to turn cooling fans on and off automatically. The system runs only when it is most efficient to do so, resulting in significant savings on energy bills.

“Customisation is something that seems to have been lost in today’s mass-produced world,” explains Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “While there are some amazing sprayers on the market today, customers sometimes require something that doesn’t exist. Our entire sprayer range is designed to be easily adaptable to meet user requirements like Karl and Mandy’s.”

In addition to saving energy, Martin Lishman’s automatic fan controllers can also save time by reducing the need for regular trips to the store to check the grain’s condition. The company’s award-winning Barn Owl Wireless system even offers the ability to remotely monitor and control and grain store from anywhere in the world.

“Our extensive range of grain quality and crop storage equipment makes us the complete one-stop-shop for harvest.”, explains Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “Developed over many years in response to the changing demands of the industry, our solutions have helped farmers significantly reduce crop cooling times while saving on energy bills in the process.

Visit Stand 531 at this year’s Cereals event to see the latest developments in grain storage technology and discuss your storage requirements for 2023 with the Martin Lishman team.

Martin Lishman Green fans are the fastest most energy efficient low volume grain cooling fans on the market
Martin Lishman Pile-Dry Fan

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