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Martin Lishman Crop Storage Systems

From 100 tons to 22,000 tons, from converted cattle sheds to purpose-built commercial grain stores, for the past 45 years Martin Lishman grain cooling and ventilation systems have been the number one choice for farmers looking for a simple solution to storing their crops. Here’s a brief overview of the solutions we offer to farmers worldwide: 

Pile Dry Pedestals

Martin Lishman Pile Dry Pedestals and Fans, the fastest low volume crop cooling system, are a common sight in grain stores around the world. They suck cool air through the stored crop and extract the warm air out of the heap to achieve safe storage conditions. The Pile Dry Pedestal design is modular, meaning they can be used in almost any crop store.


Pile-Dry FloorVent ventilation units use the same high airflow perforated steel Pedestal tube as Pile Dry Pedestals but combined with an under-floor duct to vent the warm air directly outside the store. For those building new grain stores, the FloorVent system offers fast cooling, while leaving the store multi-purpose.


The StoreVent crop store building ventilation system extracts warm, moist air from buildings and replaces it with cool fresh air. This avoids condensation and enables buildings to remain closed for security and quality assurance purposes. Comprising a choice of low pressure, high volume belt drive fans and fresh air intake louvres, StoreVent helps increase the effectiveness of all types of crop ventilation and drying systems, including underfloor ducts.

Temperature Monitoring

Once the crop is safely in store and ventilation systems are in place, it is essential to monitor the crop to ensure temperatures reduce and grain quality is maintained. Martin Lishman offers systems to monitor stored grain that cater for a range of budgets, from a simple temperature monitor and probe to a fully automatic Barn Owl Wireless monitoring system.

Fan control

Automatic fan control makes it possible to reach crop temperature and moisture targets more quickly, compared to manual methods. It reduces crop cooling time and store management energy and labour costs, and ensures crops remain in optimum condition. Cooling and drying energy bills can be reduced by at least 40% since only air good enough to cool or dry the stored crop is used. Martin Lishman offers several options when it comes to Automatic fan control, from simple temperature differential control to full Barn Owl Wireless fan control systems.


Trouble-Dry aeration spears and Fans are a quick and effective solution to reducing hot-spots in stored crops and ideal for last-minute cooling problems. They are perfect for cooling small quantities of grain, urgent spot drying and controlling unexpected insect infestations. Martin Lishman Trouble-Dry aeration spears simply screw into the heap and suck cool air out of the affected area using high output green fans.

The Martin Lishman sales team are standing by to discuss your requirements. Head to our Crop Storage Systems pages for more information. 

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