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TuberLog Electronic Potato

The TuberLog Electronic Potato identifies sources of damage and bruising in all types of potato handling machinery

TuberLog electronic potato is a powerful quality control tool which assists in the drive towards high quality potato production

Potato Quality

The Economics of Damage and Bruising Prevention

Potato bruising is a serious problem in potato production worldwide. Estimates indicate that more than 60% of some crops are damaged in some way. This leads to huge financial loss and a massive waste of crop.

The TuberLog electronic potato is an economically priced incentive for growers and processors to take preventive action and reduce their losses.

How does TuberLog work?

Tuberlog Electronic PotatoThe TuberLog electronic potato is an acceleration measurement device which records impact forces received while moving with real potatoes during harvesting and processing and locates damage and bruise-causing parts of machinery (including washers). It comprises a data logger embedded in a synthetic shape designed to mimic the size, shape and density of a ware potato.

TuberLog registers impacts instantly when they occur both audibly in the operator’s headphones and displayed visually on the screen of an Android tablet. The operator watches the electronic potato as it passes through the machine and can immediately see the exact source of the impact.

The TuberLog data logger records impacts and temperature values during each measurement. The data can be stored in the logger itself or transferred by USB connection or Bluetooth to a PC or laptop where it can be stored and analysed using the software supplied.

Data table of individual impacts can be downloaded to Excel
Data graph of impacts with timestamps, repeat runs and temperature values
Percentage distribution of impact
level classes

The TuberLog electronic potato is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged by connecting to the USB interface of a computer or with the USB charging kit supplied.

Additional features of TuberLog electronic potato

  • Impacts can be time-stamped to allow easy identification of the source of the problem
  • Repeat measurement facility allows detailed examination of damage sources
  • The TuberLog software provides an unlimited data download capacity

Options for TuberLog

  • PTR400 – As above, with TuberLog App for Android tablets and smartphones
  • PTR500 – As above, plus Android 7″ tablet

A Diagnostic Tool

The TuberLog electronic potato should be used regularly so that bruising problems caused by poor machine maintenance or incorrect settings can be detected quickly. Machine settings are often changed, but the effects on bruising may not be realised. A quick check with TuberLog can make sure.

Different varieties or the same variety at different temperatures can bruise at different impact levels. In conjunction with bruise testing TuberLog can help to ensure bruise-free working and provide peace of mind that quality standards are being maintained.

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