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Insect Traps

Insects in stored crops can still breed at relatively low temperatures and moisture contents so, despite good storage conditions, it is important to be vigilant and monitor for their presence.

Correct identification of insects is important. It enables corrective action to be taken if they are likely to cause rejection or expensive fumigation costs. Equally, the insects may be harmless and no action may be required.

Insect traps are an integral component of most crop assurance schemes.

Detecting insects after the store is filled

PInsect Pitfall Trapsitfall Insect Traps
(Product code: CQ/TRAP/PIT)

Once the store is filled with grain, Pitfall Insect Traps can be used to detect the presence of insects. They are a ‘blunder’ insect trap designed to take a random sample that is representative of the whole store.

Used in pairs, place one Pitfall Trap on the surface and one approximately 8-15cms into the grainInsect Pitfall Traps are used in pairs, with one at the surface and one placed approximately 8-15cm down into the grain. The traps should be placed approximately 5-6 metres apart.

The insect traps should be checked regularly as part of a crop assurance programme. Any insects found should be carefully identified and remedial action such as cooling or fumigation carried out as required.

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