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FloorVent is a version of Pile-Dry Pedestals that is ideally suited to installation in new floors and new stores, hopper bottomed bins and silos.
Backed by research by HGCA and CSL, you can be sure that FloorVent will help you meet your crop storage objectives.

From 100 tons to 22,000 tons, from converted cattle sheds to purpose-built commercial grain stores, for the past 40 years Martin Lishman Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans has been the number one choice as part of a professional crop storage system.


  • Ideal for new floors and new stores, hopper bottomed bins and silos
  • Suited to very deep grain, up to 12m
  • Easier overhead filling
  • Vents hot air directly outside the building
  • Easier and cheaper to install than under-floor ducts
  • More efficient, localised cooling than under-floor ducts
  • Installed using standard building materials

Choosing FloorVent or Pile-Dry Pedestals?

From an overall cost versus benefit point of view, we recommend that our standard Pile-Dry Pedestal system is installed in existing stores. For new floors or new stores, both FloorVent and Pile-Dry Pedestals are suited to grain depths of up to 12m. However, above 6-7m grain depth, FloorVent provides greater benefits when filling the store and handling Pile-Dry Fans.

How deep can you store your crop?

The FloorVent system has been used with grain at up to 12m deep in a floor store and 9m deep in hopper bottomed bins. In addition to grain depth, an allowance should be made for the under-floor pipe length between the FloorVent unit and the location of the fan on the outside wall. The system has been proven to work very effectively with this distance at 12m. Different combinations of grain depth and under-floor pipe length, not exceeding a total of 24m, would also give similar results.

Cross-section of purferted unit installed in the store floor

Cross-section of fan connection adjacent to the external store wall

Why is the Pile-Dry FloorVent System easier and cheaper to install than traditional under-floor duct methods?

  • There is no requirement to prepare re-inforced concrete channels and install metal louvred ventilation strips in the store floor.
  • A simple trench containing a conventional solid wall drainage pipe and then filled in is all that is required. The floor can then be laid and skimmed much more quickly and easily.
  • Much of the preparatory work for FloorVent installation can be completed using standard materials sourced from building merchants, which can greatly reduce installation costs.

Hopper-bottomed bins & silos

FloorVent for bins and silos

Can be adapted to suit many types of bin or silo

FloorVent has all the benefits of Pile-Dry Pedestals

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