Don’t forget about Post-Harvest

It’s easy to get captivated by the rush of combines in fields and trailers rolling, but don’t forget about the little things needed after harvest to help retain your crop’s quality. Here’s our final checklist to make sure you’re sorted for post harvest:

Get that moisture meter ready!

To keep your moisture meter readings consistent maintain it in tip top condition throughout harvest! A clean meter is an accurate meter. If you’re using a Protimeter Grainmaster, refer to our Top 5 maintenance tips to keep it going strong this harvest.

Do you have a ventilation system in place?

Martin Lishman Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans suck cool air through the stored crop and extract the warm air out of the heap to achieve safe storage conditions. The Pile-Dry Pedestal design is flexible and modular, meaning they can be placed in almost any store, new or old. This is particularly helpful if a store was built with no crop ventilation system in place.

Monitoring is key

Once the crop is stored and ventilation systems are in place, it is still essential to monitor the crop to ensure temperature and moisture is consistent throughout the store and grain quality is maintained. Martin Lishman offer systems to monitor stored grain that cater for a range of budgets, from a simple temperature monitor and probe, to a fully automatic wireless monitoring and fan control system.

Automatic fan control

An automatic fan controller can bring with it many benefits. Automatically turning on and off cooling fans to make best use of ambient air conditions ensures the fastest cooling possible, but is also the most energy efficient way to do so. Plus there’s the added bonus of reducing the trips to the store to manually turn fans on and off, or simply forgetting to do so.

Hot Spots? No Worries

Martin Lishman screw-in Trouble-Dry aeration spears tackle hot spots by simply screwing the spear into the heap and using one of our high output green fans to suck cool air out of the affected area.

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