Potato Quality: From the Field to the Store

Martin Lishman’s potato quality equipment range can help you toget the most from your potato crop. The company offers affordable innovative solutions to help growers and processors harness the crop’s true potential,from the field through to storage:


It all starts with the harvest; ensuring that the potatoes are harvested carefully is key to avoiding bruising damage losses. Martin Lishman’s TuberLog electronic potato provides instant alerts of bruising problems on harvesting, grading and packing lines using an app installed on a suitably equipped smartphone or tablet. The device measures the impacts to which it is subjected as it passes along the line with the real potatoes, and instantly transmits this information to the Android device, so operators can accurately identify the location and severity of the shock, and decide whether remedial work is needed.

Potato HotBox

The Potato Hot Box enables growers to test tubers before they go into storage for disease, infections and bruising by subjecting them to both humidity and heat. “Hot boxing” is a reliable way of accelerating the onset of a variety of problems that can develop gradually in stored crops, and can help users exclude tubers that might cause problems in storage or be rejected on quality issues when delivered to customers.

Dry Matter Testers

Dry matter content directly influences the yield of processed potatoes, the oil absorption rate in fried products and the texture of cooked potatoes. Dry matter is also used as an indicator of bruising risk, with high levels associated with more damage. Martin Lishman offer three dry matter measurement methods that have been compared by potato industry bodies, with no significant differences found in their estimation of dry matter content; but each has its own benefits to suit where and how it is being used: an in-field test kit and manual or digital hydrometers for testing at intake points or in the quality control room.

Temperature Monitoring

After the crop goes into store, it is critically important to monitor temperatures to help provide early warning of quality problems and the opportunity to act before the situation gets worse. Martin Lishman offer a wide range of temperature monitoring equipment from individual tuber temperature spikes to full wireless multi-sensor monitoring.

Potato Quality Control

The Martin Lishman potato quality equipment range also includes simple, easy to use tools to monitor fry quality, glucose content and size distribution. Put together with the Martin Lishman TuberLog electronic potato, Hot Box range and Dry Matter measurement instruments, the range provides the opportunity to monitor and control all the key aspects of potato quality.

To view Martin Lishman’s full range of potato quality equipment, CLICK HERE or visit our Potato Storage Guide for more tips on storing your potatoes.

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