One Sprayer Fits All

Combining amenity specification and flexibility with agricultural strength and durability has been the key design element of Martin Lishman compact sprayers since production began in the 1980’s. The rapid changes in the amenity industry and demands from customers has driven the development of their range of sprayers to the point where Martin Lishman now offers a whole plethora of options and sizes to cater for almost any situation.

For Malcolm Weaver, owner of MW Agri Ltd based in Berkhamsted, the search for a sprayer began when a change to his business structure saw a shift from agricultural contracting to grass management. Although the occasional agriculture spraying job still pops up, MW Agri Ltd primarily manages large areas of amenity grass including sports fields, public areas, and privately owned estates. Within this management there is the usual annual/biannual spraying for weed control.

Malcolm’s previous experience in using tractor mounted, trailed, and demount sprayers in agriculture gave him the realisation that most sprayers in this class were unsuitable for smaller amenity areas, so he had to look for an alternative.

“Having had experience with Martin Lishman in grain store management for many years on various different contract farms and having seen the options at shows and in the farming and horticultural press, it was the first choice when deciding to buy a sprayer for my utility vehicle”, commented Malcolm Weaver. “I chose the demount sprayer for the simple reason that I need to use the utility vehicle for other duties and the tractor mounted options where not suitable for my current set up.”

“Designing sprayers for agriculture in the early days gave us an eye opener into how our sprayers are treated when in the hands of the customer. They needed to be able to withstand the rigors of farm use and still work when they are needed. As the scope for small sprayers grew exponentially in the amenity market, this was a green light for us to bring our rugged, tried and tested designs into the industry”, explains Gavin Lishman, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. “Normally our amenity and agricultural customers remain separate, but Malcolm is a good example of the versatility our sprayers can bring, involving both amenity and agricultural use case scenarios.”

 “The primary use of the sprayer is across the amenity circuit, amenity sports, public areas and estate management, but it is also used for game cover and cover crop management, and stewardship management in agriculture and now, in the last 2 years, liquid fertiliser. The sprayer has been very reliable; having had it for 4 years now, it is an integral part of our management business”. Malcolm concluded.

Martin Lishman Demount sprayer mounted to Malcolm’s Polaris UTV

As Martin Lishman sprayers are designed and manufactured in England at their site in Bourne, Lincolnshire, specialist or bespoke requests can often be catered for. “Flexibility is a key component of our sprayers,” adds Martin Lishman National Sales Manager Joel Capper. “Their design allows us considerable variation of models to meet the specialist needs of our customers. Many of our users are looking to diversify into a wide range of spraying jobs and we and our customers have been able to adapt our sprayers to suit their needs. The sprayer range exists in its current form because of feedback from our customers. We feed this to our development team so that adaptations can be implemented into future sprayer models.”

For grass management and spraying enquires, Malcolm of MW Agri Ltd can be contacted on or 07976 419992. Follow Malcolm on Facebook (@mwagriltd) and Instagram (@mw_agri_malcolm) to keep up to date with his latest jobs and developments.

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