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Geared for Change

The post-EU world looming on the horizon for British Farming and the ever-changing issues over the environment have caused themes of uncertainty to be broadcast throughout the farming community. 

That said, the recently announced Agriculture Act 2020, and more specifically the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMS) represents a positive step forward. A plan that highlights objectives such as better water quality and soil health, reduced flooding and tackling the effects of climate change, to help meet the UK’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050, represents both challenges and opportunities.

Lincolnshire based Martin Lishman Ltd is in a good position to embrace future changes and schemes such as ELMS.  Their range of specialist agricultural equipment has been meeting change with innovation for over 45 years, with the premise of environment friendly low-cost investment to reduce post-harvest waste reduction and helping growers to get the most out from what they put in. 

Products including energy efficient crop storage and monitoring systems, soil and water testing kits, as well as the Bourgault Tillage Tools range that brings many soil health benefits, are all geared towards the goal of a sustainable future of environmentally friendly farming. 

Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd, Gavin Lishman comments: “For a long time we have been supplying farmers with tools to help meet the objectives ELMS has been put in place to achieve. We’re delighted to see that environmental impacts are a focal point for the future as this is a big area of concern for us and one of the driving factors behind our products.”

Bourgault Tillage Tools are a popular choice for farmers looking to retain soil health during drilling

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