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The most advanced crop monitoring and fan control system available, Barn Owl Wireless significantly reduces the time taken to cool grain and uses less energy to do so. Farmers have embraced the system’s ability to reduce waste and ensure that their stored crops stay at optimal quality. 

The system enables store managers to monitor and control crop stores remotely via an online portal, removing the need to travel to the store to manually check temperatures and turn cooling fans on and off.

“We have had a surge in farmers approaching us for Barn Owl Wireless systems”, comments Joel Capper, Martin Lishman’s National Sales Manager. “From upgrading monitoring-only systems to outfitting brand new stores with control, it’s clear that farmers want a slice of the system’s benefits. Each system is bespoke and is commonly used with our popular FloorVent underfloor ventilation system and Pile-Pile Dry pedestals and fans to create a complete versatile cooling system.”

Robert Boyd-Howell of Maitlands Farm in Maidstone upgraded his monitoring-only system to include ventilation control this year. “The Barn Owl Wireless system has eased my grain store management considerably. You only need to avoid a few rejections a year to help pay for it.” Commented Mr Boyd-Howell.

Savings on energy costs and labour hours and gaining quality data in return are just some of the benefits of Barn Owl Wireless for any crop storage situation. With hundreds of satisfied customers now on the network, the only question remains, will you join them?

Barn Owl Wireless crop sensors continually monitor the crop temperature.
Crop temperature information is sent seamlessly to the Barn Owl Wireless web portal through a network of wireless sensors.

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