Get energy savvy this harvest!

With continually rising input costs, the onus on using less energy and becoming more efficient is ever present within the industry.

Crop storage specialists Martin Lishman Ltd believe the post-harvest stage is often overlooked and that some careful attention to storage practices can make a big impact on energy bills.

Before harvest, they recommend a check of all post-harvest equipment, paying particular attention to cooling systems and the on-farm moisture meter.

Checks of cooling equipment should be a priority, ensuring fans and ventilation are operational and there is enough to accommodate the expected yield. Damaged or dirty components can restrict airflow leading to a significant drop in efficiency.

The company has seen an influx of farmers pairing cooling systems with their award-winning control and monitoring systems such as Barn Owl Wireless. “We’ve seen customers save at least 40% on their energy bills when using our temperature differential fan controllers”, explains Joel Capper, Sales Director for Martin Lishman Ltd. “By only cooling when it is most efficient to do so, our systems can drive temperatures down faster, using less energy and therefore more cheaply, compared to uncontrolled cooling methods”.

Moisture meters can give accurate results for many years, but only if they are serviced and maintained regularly. “We service and calibrate virtually any make of moisture meter at our service centre to make them as accurate as possible”, explains Martin Lishman’s Service Manager, Richard Jagger. “Keeping your moisture meter in good condition can help save time during harvest and could even avoid unnecessarily drying grain.”

Farmers are encouraged to send in their meter for service as soon as possible to avoid delays during the pre-harvest peak times expected in June.

Martin Lishman’s highly efficient pile-dry grain pedestal fan ready to go in the grain store at harvest.
Martin Lishman’s highly efficient pile-dry grain pedestal fan ready to go in the store.

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