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Soil Sampling

Our range of soil samplers extends from a simple pot plant sampler to specially tempered steel augers with reinforced hammering heads. All soil sampling augers are manufactured from stainless steel with titanium components. Our three most popular models are shown below.

Martin Lishman's Hand Soil Sampling Auger is ideal for pot plants
Hand Soil Sampling

(Product code: SOILSMPLR5000)

Overall length – 35cm
Sampling depth – 20cm
Outer diameter – 16mm
Inner diameter – 14mm
Spherical handle diameter – 30mm
Weight – 150g

The Soil Sampling Auger with foot rest is one of the most popular soil samplers in the range
Soil Auger
with Foot Rest

(Product code: SOILSMPLR5006)

Overall length – 81cm
Sampling depth – 30cm
Outer diameter – 20mm
Inner diameter –  14mm
Weight – 1.5Kg

This Soil Sampling Auger comes with a reinforced hammer head
Soil Sampling Auger with Hammer Head

(Product code: SOILSMPLR5012)

Overall length – 81cm
Sampling depth – 60cm
Outer diameter – 20mm
Inner diameter – 13mm
Weight – 2.4Kg

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