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Simple Temperature Monitoring

Minitemp Temperature Monitor

Mini-Temp MonitorA simple digital monitor used most commonly with the 1.5m portable temperature sensor. The sensor’s fast response means the temperature display stabilises soon after insertion into the grain.
(Product Code: CQ/MTM10)

Crop Temperature Sensors

Minitemp crop temperature sensors

Portable and static sensors that connect to the Minitemp Temperature Monitor. The fast-response 600mm or 1.5m portable sensors are stainless steel; static sensors are rigid PVC 2m or 3m long. Flexible cable sensors can be supplied to any length, but are usually in multiples of 10 metres. A single long length is better than several Minitemp monitor in use in a grain storeshorter lengths joined together. Each cable is fitted with a jack plug and locking jack socket.
(Product Codes: 1.5m Sensor – CQ/MTM10PS; 600mm Sensor – CQ/MTM10PS600; 2m Sensor – FC054; 3m Sensor – FC055; Flexible – TEMPFLEXSENSOR10/length)


  • The simplest way to measure crop temperature and conform to quality assurance schemes
  • Easy to use – just push into the grain and take a reading
  • Fast response sensor – so several readings can be taken in a short time
  • An inexpensive crop monitoring solution

Simple Multi-Sensor Crop Temperature Monitoring

Multi-Sensor Selector

A simple junction box capable of having up to 12 crop sensors plugged into it. Supplied with connecting lead to the Minitemp monitor.
A rotary selector connects each sensor in turn to the Minitemp and gives the sensor reading.
(Product Code: CQ/MULTISWITCH)

Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Suitable for bulk crop stores and potato box stores


  • Provides multiple temperature records quickly and ensures readings are taken in the same place
  • Saves time walking across the grain surface
  • Makes it quicker to decide where to locate cooling fans
  • A relatively inexpensive crop monitoring solution

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