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Potato Temperature Monitoring

Simple Monitoring Methods

Potato Temperature Spikes
– for temperature measurement in individual tubers

T-Bar Thermometer

Key Features :

  • Stainless steel probe with thermistor sensor
  • Data hold function to retain displayed value
  • High contrast LCD display with function indicators
  • IP65 waterproof polycarbonate case with membrane keypad

Two models available, with different accuracies:

  • T-Bar (Standard) Thermometer – measurement range -50 to 150oC; accuracy +/-1oC. (Product code: POT/TBARTHERMO)
  • T-Bar (High Accuracy) Thermometer – measurement range -50 to 220oC; accuracy +/-0.3oC. (Product code: POT/TBARHIGH)

Minitemp Temperature Monitor ad Flexible or Rigid Sensor

Minitemp Temperature Monitor

A simple digital monitor for use with a range of static temperature sensors. Most suitable for potato monitoring would be the flexible cable sensor of any length or the rigid PVC 2 metre sensor.

Product codes:
Minitemp Monitor – CQ/MTM10
1.5 metre sensor – CQ/MTM10PS
2 metre sensor – FC054
3 metre sensor – FC055
Flexible temperature sensor – TEMPFLEXSENSOR10/length

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Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Create a simple potato box multi-sensor monitoring system using a Minitemp monitor, a Multi-sensor selector and up to 12 cable sensors. The sensors connect by cable, which can be any length in multiples of 10 metres, to the selector which can be conveniently located at ground level near to the store door.

(Multi-Sensor Selector product code: CQ/MULTISWITCH)

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Wireless Monitoring & Automatic Fan Control

The Barn Owl Wireless Remote Crop Monitoring and Automatic Fan Control system is ideally suited to potato store monitoring.

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