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Potato Hot Box

The Potato Hot Box ideal tool for assessment of potato bruising in just 12 hours

Quality assessment using a Potato Hot Box helps to avoid costly rejections

Hot Box monitoring before storage and processing helps ensure the highest quality production

Potato bruising can normally take up to 3 days to show, which can mean that harvested crop goes into store or for processing without bruise and damage levels being monitored. The resulting rejections or downgrading can prove costly.

In addition to losses due to load rejection, extra transport cost and a lower market price, bruising damages consumer confidence in ways which can have knock-on consequences in further years of trading.

The Martin Lishman range of potato hot boxes will indicate bruise levels in less than 12 hours. This can help considerably in the fight to reduce bruising losses by highlighting the crops most at risk from harvesting and grading damage. Problems can be identified before potatoes go into store to ensure the maximum saleable yield.

In addition to bruise assessment, loads can be monitored for the presence of rots and diseases by recreating the optimum humidity and temperature conditions and incubation period for them to occur; optimum humidity and temperature conditions for longer shelf life can be recreated in the Hot Box to provide information to retailers.

Design Features of the Hot Box

The 250 Hotbox has a tuber capacity of 250

  • Strong, insulated uPVC casing with lockable door and wipe-clean surfaces
  • Plastic covered wire tray baskets designed to accept a single layer of c.25 standard ware tubers spaced to allow air to circulate around each one
  • Automatic timer to allow precise testing regimes for up to 99 hours
  • Built-in heavy duty fan, air heater and thermostat to allow testing between 10 and 40°C
  • Water reservoir with ultrasonic atomizing humidifier to allow humidity levels to be kept at an accuracy of 1-3%

Benefits of Using a Hot Box

Faster bruise development

Potato Hot BoxWhen potatoes are bruised, the physical effects are not immediately visible. A biochemical reaction takes place which gradually causes a colour change at the point of impact. In cool dry conditions this effect can take several days to appear.

The Hot Box speeds up the reaction time by creating the optimum warm, damp conditions for bruise development to occur more quickly. This allows action to be taken sooner, resulting in fewer bruised and damaged potatoes.

Testing procedure and frequency

The Hot Box controls allow a wide range of temperature, humidity and time settings. Typically, a temperature setting of 30°C and a humidity setting of 93% for a time period of 12 hours is sufficient to bring out the bruises. Samples should be peel tested for bruises as soon as they are removed from the hot box.

Testing should ideally take place on a tray full of tubers taken from the end of the harvester or grader line about 5 times per day. If readings are high, samples should be taken at more locations to try to pinpoint the causes. This can be carried out in combination with the TuberLog electronic potato.

Disease testing

The design of the Hot Box allows levels of tuber blight and soft rot to be assessed. Temperatures, humidity and testing times can be selected, suitable for accelerating the incubation of diseases.

Potato Hot Box Models and Specifications

Potato Hot BoxCapacity: 5 trays; 125 tubers
Size: 890mm wide x 630mm deep x 730mm high
Weight: 20Kg
Electrical: 240v, 50Hz
(110v, 60Hz available – please specify when ordering)

Capacity: 10 trays; 250 tubers
Size: 890mm wide x 630mm deep x 1200mm high
Weight: 40Kg
Electrical: 240v, 50Hz
(110v, 60Hz available – please specify when ordering)

750 tuber Hot BoxCapacity: 30 trays; 750 tubers
Size: 1430mm wide x 630mm deep x 1700mm high
Weight: 100Kg
Electrical: 240v, 50Hz
(110v, 60Hz available – please specify when ordering)

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