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Potato Harvester Mister

Reduce bruising during harvesting with this versatile wetting kit

Suitable for most potato and root crop harvesting equipment

Benefits of Mist Spraying

Bruising costs the potato industry dearly every year, so effective strategies to maintain potato quality are very important.

Mist spraying has been shown to reduce bruising during the harvesting operation, particularly in dry conditions when dolmen rollers tend to cause potatoes to bounce.

The fine mist spray from the nozzles dampens both the potatoes and the rollers in the harvester. This lubricates the passage of the potatoes over the top of the rollers and helps to prevent them being pinched and damaged.

Key Features of the Potato Harvester Mister

Harvester Mister as supplied for use on GRIMME
potato harvester
  • Delivers a fine mist spray of water onto potatoes as they are lifted from the ground and pass through the harvester
  • 250 litre tank with large filling lid and strainer fitted into strong, purpose-built frame designed to fit easily to most potato and root crop harvesters
  • 1 metre spray boom fitted with 110° misting nozzles, able to be positioned so that water can be directed in the most effective way onto the potatoes and rollers
  • 11.3 litre/min 12 volt pump with agitation and pressure control operated by in-cab switchbox
  • Low-level water filling point with 3 metre filling hose and valve
  • The Potato Harvester Mister is suited for chemical application if required

The Harvester Mister
has a built in baffle
(Product code: SP/HM002)

Harvester Mister Details

Mounting Frame

The frame of both models of Harvester Mister has been designed to be fitted to the framework of most potato harvesters.

Spray Boom

The Harvester Mister spray boom can be positioned to suit the design of the harvester so that water can be directed in the most effective way onto the potatoes and rollers.

Up to five 3 nozzle booms can be used with each mister unit, to suit multiple roller sections on a harvester.

The standard boom length is 1 metre and is supplied with white 110° misting nozzles which provide a flow of 4 litre/hour @ 3 bar.

Operating Time

The 250 litre Harvester Mister can give up to 20 hours of continuous operation between re-fills (depending on nozzle size used) and 10 hours for the 125 litre model.

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