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Moisture Measurement for the Grain Store

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For the Grain Store

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The Protimeter Grainmaster i-S is the most popular moisture meter in the UK and was voted best for accuracy in a recent Farmers Weekly survey of moisture meter use.

Accurate moisture measurement is critical at harvest time and throughout drying and storage. So it makes sense to use a meter that has a track record for providing consistent, accurate and reliable grain moisture readings.

Using tried and tested crop calibrations, the robust electronics of the Grainmaster i-S give high levels of repeatability between samples. As a grinding moisture meter you can also be confident that readings will record moisture accurately throughout each sample.

Complete Service Package
The Protimeter Grainmaster i-S is supplied in a hard carry case with a button dust protector, spare grinder-blade set, spare battery and free first year service voucher. Martin Lishman also provide a full 12 month warranty and a complete after-sales service and calibration back-up capability.



Grainmaster In Use

Professional Specification
– 15 pre-programmed crop calibrations (Wheat, Barley, Oats, Oil Seed Rape, Canola, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Maize, Sunflower Seed, Coffee Beans, Soya Beans, Milled Rice, Paddy Rice and Sorghum)
– 30 more calibrations are available; users can also create their own calibration using a built-in 0-100 scale
– Easy calibration adjustment
– Automatic temperature compensation

Protimeter Grainmaster i-S Optional Moisture and Temperature Probes for Grain and Straw

Grain Moisture and Temp

Moisture and Temperature

1.5m probe to measure moisture and temperature of grain in the store. Useful for checking drying progress, multiple intake measurements and quality assurance checks.

Product code: GRN3005

Grain Temp

Grain Temperature

Fast response 1.5m probe for checking stored grain temperatures. Ideal for quality assurance checks and simple cooling fan management.

Product code: GRN6046

Bale Moisture

Bale Moisture

600mm probe for checking hay and straw bale moistures

Product code: GRN6138

Bale Temp

Bale Temperature

600mm probe for checking hay and straw bale temperatures

Product code: GRN6155

Field Use Moisture Meters

Moisture Meter Servicing

Grain Clinics