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Versatile Opener System (VOS)

Create the drilling combination that suits your needs

At the forefront of the latest on seed and fertiliser placement , the Versatile Opener System (VOS) lets you create the drilling combination that suits your needs. With a range of holders to fit the tine there is a choice of single or paired row tips offering different combinations of horizontal and vertical separation of seed and fertiliser.

Bourgault Tillage and Drilling Tools – Case Study – “VOS System”

Versatile Opener System, VOSMike Porter is an enthusiastic pioneer in the no-till sector of farming. Based in Halesworth Suffolk, Mike and his son James have been farming their land 1100 acres the min-till approach for 10 years and no-till for the last three.

Having bought a new Horsch Sprinter 4m drill with standard fitment Duett coulters, Mr Porter started looking for an alternative coulter that placed the seed in a similar pattern but disturbed the soil less, with a shallower point and which didn’t smear.

He chose the 610-TIP-4081 paired row tip from the new Bourgault Tillage Tools VOS system. The key benefits considered on this point were the low profile, the seed placement design, the profile of the nose which forms a deeper slot for drainage/fertiliser placement and the carefully considered placement of tungsten to enhance both wear and penetration. Mike received the points in July ready for trial drilling this autumn.

Versatile Opener System, VOSThe Porter farm is in rolling countryside with varying degrees of clay content on the surface. The whole farm has been mapped by Soilquest to ascertain the high clay areas, and use variable rate drilling to optimise seed distribution.  As part of the no-till system the Porters are experimenting with different cover crops to provide extra organic matter, mainly self sown oil seed rape and mustard.

The Porters drilled a total of 80ha of wheat with the VOS tip this season all direct drilled at approx. 2”depth at about 15 degrees angle to the previous year’s crop. Wear rates were good and soil movement was at the low levels desired.

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