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Quick Change Sweep Points

Bourgault Quick Change Sweep Points have a reputation for being even wearing and long lasting. Every point is checked for accuracy and fit to the Speed-Loc adapter.

A point for every application

Bourgault Tillage and Drilling Tools – Case Study – “Minimal downtime”

Sweep Points

Minimal downtime is the greatest benefit highlighted by a Lincolnshire farmer who converted to Bourgault Tillage Tools. “A full set of 40 points can be changed in 1 hour. In the past, this would have easily been half a day’s work!”

Jonathan Stevenson of Robert Stevenson & Son, Thurlby, Lincolnshire has adapted a primary cultivator from TWB Engineering with the Quick Change System and 4″ Quick Change Sweeps. “The sweeps penetrate to a depth of 2″, we like to keep the system shallow to disturb the top of the soil and to allow the blackgrass to germinate”, comments Mr Stevenson.

The land is abrasive so a full set of 40 points would usually last for 400-450 acres. The points can easily be replaced using the Speed-Release Tool. “Previously, I would have to bring the machine back to the yard which cost me time and money. With the Bourgault system, I can knock the points off and on again within seconds.

TWB machine converted to Bourgault Tillage Tools
“The wearing parts are much cheaper to replace than original parts. We will be purchasing a new set for our autumn cultivation”, adds Mr Stevenson. “Next time we will fit the 5″ sweep to increase the width of disturbance”.

At present cultivation is carried out using the TWB machine and drilling using their John Deere Seed Drill. “Now that we know how effective the system is, we will consider adding Quick Change Seed Boots to the TWB so that we can drill a wide variety of cereals. Considering the price of the parts, this would be a much more economical alternative to buying a new drill!”

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Quick-Change Sweep Points

Quick-Change Drilling System

Versatile Opener System (NEW!)