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SPEED-LOCTM Quick Change Adapters

Combines the speed of knock-on with the security of bolt-on

With a Speed-Loc adapter fitted, the Bourgault Tillage Tools range of quick change sweep points and drilling tools is available for use.

Bourgault Tillage and Drilling Tools – Case Study – “Running costs much cheaper”

Speed-LocSince converting to Bourgault Tillage & Drilling Tools, Leigh Donger of R. H. Donger & Sons, Leicestershire, has drilled wheat, oil seed rape, spring barley and spring beans. Barley has been drilled at a depth of 2 inches, beans at 4 inches and oil seed rape at 1.5 inches using his converted machine.

Mr Donger comments, “The points are easy to knock on and off using the Speed-Loc Release Tool. On our 4 metre drill a full set of points can easily be changed in 15 minutes. Running costs are much cheaper; it costs us approximately 63p per hectare in wearing parts when direct drilling oil seed rape”.

“We recently converted our 8 metre Horsch Sprinter, purchased from J Brock & Sons, to the Bourgault system. To drill beans and oil seed rape, we replaced the standard coulters with the Bourgault Speed-Loc Adapter, 2¼” Spoons and Quick-Change Seed Boot System. For cereals we used the 5.5″ point with splitter boot.  We have worked in conditions like concrete and it still penetrated very well, going straight through combine wheeltracks and tramlines”.


Quick-Change Sweep Points

Quick-Change Drilling System

Versatile Opener System (NEW!)