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Soil Testing Equipment

Soil testing is a vital part of agricultural and horticultural management. Martin Lishman’s soil test kits have been specially developed by Palintest to aid the farmer, grower or specialist in providing quick ‘on the spot’ analysis of soil. The range covers basic needs such as pH, lime and NPK testing plus sophisticated soil management kits to measure a wide range of trace elements.

Soil Test Kits

SK 100 – Soil pH & Lime Test Kit

SK 100 pH and Lime Kit

A dual purpose kit for measuring both soil pH and lime requirement. The pH test uses a single tablet reagent in conjunction with the Palintest Soil tester pH (colour comparison) block. The lime requirement test uses a single buffer tablet and is carried out as a continuation of the pH test.

The kit is supplied in a robust field case and contains sufficient tablet reagents for 50 soil pH and 50 lime requirement tests.

(Product Code: SOIL/ST/SK100)

SK 200 – Soil Fertility Kit

SK 200 Soil Fertility Kit

Equally suitable for use in the field, farm or laboratory. This kit allows routine analysis of agricultural soil and assessment of soil fertility. Tests included are pH, lime requirement, nitrate, phosphate and potassium.

Simple rapid analysis is achieved with extraction and reagent tablets provided for each of the tests.

The kit is supplied in a soft shoulder carrying case and contains sufficient extraction and reagent tablets for 50 of each of the tests.

(Product Code: SOIL/ST/SK200)

SK 300 – Soil Management Kit

SK 300 Soil Management Kit

The SK 300 Soil Management Kit is the ideal tool for soil nutrient testing for crop yield improvement and plant nutrition monitoring.

The SK 300 includes tests for pH, lime requirement, nitrate, phosphate and potassium, but extended to include calcium and magnesium. Containing the simple tester block and a pocket conductivity sensor for soluble salt testing, it provides comprehensive testing at a competitive price.

Provided in a shoulder bag and hard carry case containing all components for immediate soil testing.

(Product Code: SOIL/ST/SK300)

SKW 400 – Professional Soil Management Kit

SKW 400 Professional Soil Management Kit

The SKW 400 Professional Soil Management Kit is the choice of the professional agronomist or soil chemist. The kit provides fundamental soil nutrient testing capability with the space to add up to seven additional soil reagent packs.

The SKW 400 includes simple, field-ready soil test methods for macro nutrients (pH, lime requirement, NPK), calcium, magnesium and conductivity. Also included is the Bluetooth-enabled Soiltest 10 Photometer and Multiparameter Pocket Sensor.

Offering excellent accuracy for a field instrument, the SKW 400 will reduce the need for costly off-site analysis of the critical parameters.

The kit is protected by an IP67 waterproof field case with integral work surface for soil testing in any location.

(Product Code: SOIL/ST/SK400)

SKW 500 – The Complete Soil Kit

SKW 500 Complete Soil Test Kit

Combining the accuracy of the Soiltest 10 Photometer with the simplicity of the Palintest soil test methods, the SKW 500 provides agronomists, soil scientists and farming professionals with a robust, portable soil laboratory for macronutrients and micronutrients.

The Complete Soil Kit includes sufficient extraction and reagent tablets for 50 of all the basic tests (pH, lime, NPK) plus magnesium and calcium as well as the trace elements. The SKW 500 includes the Multiparameter Pocket Sensor, as well as the Bluetooth-enabled Soiltest 10 Photometer.

Packed with 30 years of experience, the SKW 500 brings the soil laboratory to the field at a fraction of the cost.

(Product Code: SOIL/ST/SK500)

Soil pH Kit

Soil Test Kit

All in one kit ideal for fast, accurate soil testing. Includes  pocket pH sensor, buffer solutions and sample container. Accurate to +/- 0.1pH.

(Product Codes:SOIL/PH/KIT)

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