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Serving farmers for 40 years

Published November 2014

Established in 1975, Martin Lishman Ltd are now celebrating their 40th year serving the agricultural industry. The company originally specialised in marketing innovative products connected with grain storage, pellet spreading and spraying. Gradually the business developed a strong position in the agricultural market as a manufacturer of specialist equipment for monitoring and maintaining crop quality.

Products in the Martin Lishman range are practical to use, innovative and often unique. They have been introduced to the industry in response to the needs and requirements of farms in the UK and many other countries. The best known product in the range is Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans, a concept that was pioneered by Martin Lishman himself almost 40 years ago. This is the original and leading system of ventilation ducts and fans which are used to cool and dry grain. Martin’s legacy is that many of the products he introduced to the agricultural industry, including Pile-Dry Pedestals and the Bourgault Speed-Loc System, are now standard equipment on many farms.

Over the past 40 years, Martin Lishman Ltd has continually invested in developing their products. The original concept of grain storage started with Pile-Dry Pedestals, but has now developed to include building and silo ventilation and wireless monitoring and control.

Barn Owl Wireless is the most comprehensive grain store and silo monitoring and control system available. It can cut the time and cost of store management dramatically, while ensuring that stored crops are always kept in optimum condition.

The award-winning system enables users to monitor stored crops remotely via a unique combination of radio signals, GSM data transmission and cloud computing, and control ventilation fans and other equipment automatically from the Barn Owl Wireless webpage. It is accessed from any location via the internet and enables users to manage stores automatically based on reliable and regularly updated data.

“Existing users find the system very simple to install and use. It can save them up to 40% in grain cooling costs, as well as significant time in store management”, says Dr Gavin Lishman, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd.

In the mid-1990s, Martin Lishman started manufacturing compact sprayers in-house. The company was one of the first to develop ATV sprayers. Over time the range has expanded to include trailed, tractor mount, demount and pedestrian sprayers which are becoming increasingly more popular in the agricultural and amenity sector. The full range of sprayers can be seen at this year’s LAMMA event.

Also on display at LAMMA will be Martin Lishman’s range of potato quality equipment, including the TuberLog Electronic Potato which is now widely used across the world, as well as the Bourgault Tillage Tools range and crop quality equipment.

For information on our latest developments, visit us in Hall 1, stand 105 at LAMMA on the 21st and 22nd January 2015 or email

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