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Protimeter Hygromaster

Easy to use hygrometer with built in data logging capacity

  • Spot measurements and logging of humidity and temperature values
  • Hand-held instrument
  • Used for taking spot measurements and for logging humidity and temperature values
  • Quick measurements of relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio and ambient temperature are shown at the touch of a button
  • Surface temperature measurements can also be measured with an optional surface temperature sensor


  • Large LCD display
  • Hygrosticks™ used to measure the ERH value of walls and floors: Hygrostick– ideal for high moisture applications such as concrete; Quikstick– ideal for full range, fast response % RH application
  • Optional surface temperature sensor (BLD4701) for  investigating dew point or condensation conditions
  • Data logging mode for analysing the moisture and temperature trend
  • Ideal for applications such as:
    – Concrete floor moisture measurement
    – Indoor air quality
    – Environmental health
    – HVAC
    – Flood restoration

For more information on the Protimeter Hygromaster, download the data sheet

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