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Potato Quality Control

A range of potato quality equipment for use in assessment both on-farm and at intake points for processors and producers

Potato Sizing Squares

Chip Colour Chart

Chip Fryer

Chip Cutter Set

Potato Sizing Squares
(Product code: POT/SQUARESS)

Stainless steel potato sizing squares in a set of 16 in sizes from 20 to 90mm in 5mm intervals including a special salad variety size of 42mm.

Long-lasting and durable, these sizing squares are ideal for assessing and classifying samples according to square mesh size.

Chip Colour Chart
(Product code: POT/CHIPCHART)

Standard colour reference chart for frozen French fried potatoes, produced according to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) guidelines.

The standards depict changes that occur because of the frying process and provide a means of classifying the results for quality control purposes.

Chip Fryer
(Product code: POT/FRYER)

Ideal for testing fry quality of potatoes as part of quality control procedures.

It is an easy to clean, stainless steel unit with removable tank, lift-out element and control panel and heavy duty stainless steel basket.

Capacity: 7Kg per hour (raw to cooked)
Power rating: 3kW

Chip Cutter Set
(Product code: POT/CHIPCUT)

A set of cutters for making consistent size French fries for use in testing procedures.

Each set has 6 cutters to produce sizes ranging in diameter from 3.5 to 8.5mm. A spike to push the sample out is also supplied.

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