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Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans

From 100 tons to 22,000 tons, from converted cattle sheds to purpose-built commercial grain stores, for the past 40 years Martin Lishman grain cooling and ventilation Pile Dry Pedestals have been the number one choice as part of a professional crop storage system.

Pile Dry Pedestals and Fans are the fastest low volume grain cooling system and the only pedestal system that will dry grain. Backed by research from HGCA and CSL, you can be sure that these grain pedestals will help you meet your crop storage objectives.

Key facts about Pile-Dry Pedestals

Easy Handling

Pile-Dry Pedestals are vertical and visible in the store. Typically they are spaced at least 6 metres apart so loading and unloading grain around them is achieved easily.

Fast Cooling

Martin Lishman grain cooling pedestals are the fastest low volume cooling system, operating at 20% above the required rate.

Grain cools quickly and evenly to conserve quality, without the need for insecticides.

Martin Lishman grain cooling pedestals are the fastest low volume cooling system


Pile-Dry Pedestals will cool, dry and condition grain, long or short term in bulk stores, bins and silos.

Martin Lishman grain pedestals have been used with all bulk stored crops- cereals, rape, rice, beans, peas, potatoes, wood chip and many more.

Pile Dry pedestals and Fans

Proven Success

Martin Lishman can draw on 40 years of successful experience with their grain cooling pedestals to provide the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, practical and convenient way to do the job.

Choosing the right Pile-Dry Pedestal for your store

How deep can you store your crop?

Martin Lishman grain cooling Pile-Dry Pedestals work best in deeper rather than shallow grain – this helps air to be sucked from further away rather than take a short route from the surface.

If grain walls are low or weak the grain can be surcharged up around the pedestal and slope down towards the wall or floor – the grain does not have have to be level when sucking.

 P2 Pile-Dry Pedestal – c.80 to 120 tons per unitGrain Pedestal

  • For grain stored at c.3m (10′) with surcharging up to c.4.5m in the middle of the store
  • Allow one P2 pedestal per 6m x 6m (20′ x 20′) area – 3m from the walls and 6m between each one
  • In high moisture grain (18% plus) put them closer together
  • Spacings apply equally to all crops
  • Basic height of 10ft (3m)

Typical spacings for a P2 Pile-Dry Pedestal

P3 Pile-Dry Pedestal – c.350 to 900 tons per unit

  • For grain stored at c.4.5m (15′) and up to 12m deep
  • Allow one P3 Pedestal per 10m x 10m (30′ x 30′) area – 5m from the walls and 10m between them
  • In high moisture grain put them closer together but no deeper than 4.5m
  • Spacings apply equally to all crops
  • Basic height of 16ft (4.8m)

Typical spacings for a P3 Pile-Dry Pedestal

Backed by research

Research by HGCA supports the spacings recommended for Martin Lishman Pile-Dry Pedestals used with Pile-Dry Fans. Don’t be tempted to make do with fewer grain pedestals or wider spacings – cooling will be slower, insects may occur and hot spots will develop. Avoid metal and plastic systems with lower airflows which may cause loss of grain quality at these spacings and depths.

Selecting the size and quantity of Pile-Dry Fans

Do you want to cool or dry your grain – or both?

Pile-Dry Fans are the most powerful low volume fans available, delivering an airflow of more than 10m3/hour/tonne and, if ambient conditions allow, will cool grain below 15°C within 2 weeks of harvest and down to 5°C by Christmas.

Pile-Dry Fans sustain high airflow at high pressure which enables them to dry grain at up to 2% per week, with examples of drying from as high as 35%, from 28% to 15%, from 19% to below 15% and many more, with perfect results.

Speed of cooling and rate of drying depends on favourable ambient conditions, efficient fan control when the air is suitable, fan strength and how many fans you use in the store. Don’t be tempted to use lower power or poor quality fans – your grain quality will suffer.

1ph, 1.5HP, 1.1kW (Product Code: F2/1/B)
3ph, 1.5HP, 1.1kW (Product Code: F2/3/B)

Max Airflow:
2380m3/h (1400 cfm)

Max Pressure:
1550pa (6¼”wg)

6″ (150mm) inlet, square outlet (blowing adapter available), aluminium body with carry handles

1ph, 2HP, 1.5kW (Product Code: F3/1/B)
3ph, 3HP, 2.2kW (Product Code: F3/3/B)

Max Airflow:
3190m3/h (1875cfm) (F3/1/B)
3780m3/h (2225cfm) (F3/3/B)

Max Pressure:
1670pa (6¾”wg) (F3/1/B)
1870pa (7½”wg) (F3/3/B)

8″ (200mm) inlet, square outlet (blowing adapter available), aluminium body with carry handles

Backed by research

Research by HGCA showed that, when compared with slotted plastic ducts, the metal round-hole perforated duct of Pile-Dry Pedestals had 22% more airflow which resulted in higher airspeed in the grain. This was due to the larger free air space and better distribution of holes in the metal duct and was given as the reason for the faster cooling times with Pile-Dry Pedestals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans the best low volume ventilation system with 40 years of proven success?

  • Metal round-hole perforated ducts have up to 8 times more free air space than other types of metal and plastic duct so can cope with deeper or wetter grain.
  • Metal round-hole perforated duct airflow resistance is 30 times less than through plastic duct walls which means all the fan power is directed to the grain.
  • Pile-Dry Fans operate at up to 70% higher pressure and deliver up to 70% more air than fans sold with plastic columns so will cool faster and dry more.
  • Faster cooling means Pile-Dry Fans consume up to 20% less energy to achieve the same amount of cooling.
  • Energy savings can be increased by another 40% if automatic fan control is used.

Are Pile-Dry Pedestals strong enough?

Of course they are! You don’t risk 22,000 tons of rape 12 metres deep with something that isn’t up to the job. Pile-Dry Pedestals are designed for professional crop storage systems, plastic drainage pipes are designed to go underground.

Low cost crop storage

How do I cool grain?

To Cool Grain

  • Use at least one fan per 4 grain pedestals
  • Increase this quantity for faster cooling, grain in poor condition or to reduce the number of times fans are moved
  • Move the fan between Pile-Dry Pedestals depending on crop temperatures
  • Use automatic control to save energy

Cool grain with automatic fan control

Priority Cooling

Starting cooling with Pile-Dry Pedestals as soon as grain comes into the store or off the drier, and continue for at least 24 hours to remove high heat.

Continue cooling with automatic control to make the best use of cooler air. Don’t wait until cold weather comes and don’t worry about damp air – it is almost impossible to re-wet grain when cooling.

The fans are typically used to suck air through the grain. Sucking avoids condensation at the grain surface and the grain does not have to be level filled.

How do I dry my grain?

To Dry Grain

  • Increase the fan quantity for faster drying or if the grain is above 18% (use one fan per grain pedestal above 20%).
  • Use automatic control to make best use of warm ambient air in the summer.

Effective Drying

Drying with Pile-Dry Pedestals using ambient air has been achieved widely over many years, including grain, peas and beans. The record is barley at 35%! For moisture’s above 20% alternate sucking and blowing is recommended. Drying results depend on favourable ambient conditions, efficient fan control, fan strength and how many fans you use in the store.

Grain pedestals are not suited to drying rape or linseed which require high airflows and heat.

Why is Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans the only low volume system able to dry grain and the fastest at cooling grain?

Cooling and drying with Pile-Dry Pedestals

  • Pile-Dry Pedestals have round-hole perforated ducts with 31% of free air space (This compares with c.10% for louvred metal and c.4% for slotted plastic).
  • This means no resistance to airflow and all the fan power ventilates the grain.
  • Martin Lishman grain pedestals can cool grain by 20°C in 36 hours and, conditions depending, dry from as high as 35% to below 15%. No other system can achieve this.


Can Pile-Dry Pedestals be used for oil seed rape?

Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans can be used in Oil Seed Rape storesPile-Dry Pedestals arHessian Sleeves - used to prevent small seeds passing through the perforated holese operated in the same way for all grains, pulses, potatoes, maize and seeds such as rape, grass and sunflower.

Hessian sleeves are used to prevent small seeds passing through the perforated holes – they maintain the high airflow required and are much more effective than louvred metal or slotted plastic.

Can Pile-Dry Pedestals be used in bins and silos?

Bin and Silo PedestalsUsing Pile-Dry Pedestals in bins and silos is no different from on-floor and the results are just as good.

Ask about our special versions.

Can Pile-Dry Pedestals be used in under-floor systems?

FloorVent under-floor ventilation system

Please see our FloorVent Pedestal system.


Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans provide cost-effective cooling with the lowest capital cost per ton stored.

Increased efficiency and up to 40% lower energy costs is achieved with Automatic Fan Controllers and a correctly specified building ventilation system (Storevent) that matches the number of fans in use.

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